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This month the night sky presents some interesting sights: Birla Observatory

Image of Transit of Venus captured by G.P Birla Observatory on June 6th, 2012.

This month the night sky presents some interesting sights:

1)The planets Venus (Sukra) and Jupiter (Brihaspati) can be seen in the dawn sky. Venus is the brilliant morning star while Jupiter, which is in Taurus the bull (Vrishabha) is also very bright. The red planet Mars (Mangal) and the planet Saturn (Sani) are both in Virgo the virgin (Kanya Rasi) and can be seen in the Western sky, late evening.

2)The Perseid Meteor Shower originating from the Comet Swift Tuttle peaks around August 11/12. They could be seen anytime at night up to dawn. We could expect to see several of these meteors from the Perseid around this time. On the 13th of August the Moon occults the planet Venus or Sukra. Fortunately the Moon would not be very bright, so there is no danger of the meteor shower itself being washed out.

3)On 13th of August Venus will be about 3 degrees below crescent Moon in the Eastern sky, before dawn.

4)Mars will be in conjunction with Saturn (Sani) on 15th of August.

5)On 21st of August after dusk in the West crescent Moon will be about five degrees below Saturn and Mars with Spica, the brightest star in the constellation Virgo to its right, a spectacle of the sorts.

6)This month is a Blue Moon month, that is there are two Full Moons in August. There is one on the 1st of August and another on the 31st of August. Such a month is rare and would occur, next only in 2015. This apart there would be a New Moon, at mid month.

-August '2012

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