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 Pegasystems hosts ‘Making the Right Moves’
~ A unique initiative to strengthen its association with chessand promote the game~

Hyderabad|India|August'2012: Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), the leader in Business Process Management (BPM) and software for customer centricity, took another stepin strengthening its association with chess and extending support to promote the sport. Mr. Alan Trefler, Founder & CEO, Pegasystems, played a simultaneous game of chess against 15 young chess players including children of various age groups who have FIDE ratings at the event held at Taj Krishna on 12 August, 2012. The activity aimed to create awareness and appreciation for the sport and the values that it can instil in children.

Text Box: Making the Right Moves by Pega - Highlights • Alan Trefler Vs. 15 young chess players : simultaneous chess tournament • Giving away laptops to chess academy to help chess enthusiast play against computers and better their game • Young chess enthusiasts from various schools invited to participate in the game and hear Alan Pegasystems India carried forward the company’s affinity to chess and has been taking up various initiatives to give a boost to the sport. As part of this commitment, Pegasystems also donated laptops to Cyber Chess Academy to enable them to inspire their young players to take up the sport seriously. The laptops will help the chess enthusiasts improve their game by playing against different levels of chess against the computers.

Mr. Trefler, who has played against multiple people simultaneously numerous times, also shared a talk on his own journey from an amateur chess player to a founder of a fast-growing successful software company, how the game inspired his life and played a crucial role in achieving success in every venture of his. He told the audience to take up this sport for life and derive learning from the same. “The game teaches us to be alert, analytical and to take the right decisions, to’ make the right moves’ both in the game and in life. One learns to be confident and face all challenges boldly. Once you start giving it your 100% you will notice the differenceit will bear on your future.”

Chess : the inspiring force at Pegasystems

Founded nearly 30 years ago by Mr. Trefler, a master chess player and winner of a World Tournament, Pegasystems has chess deep rooted into its work culture right from the inception of the company. Chess was Mr. Trefler’s inspiration behind founding Pegasystems as the idea of starting his own entrepreneurial venture struck during one of the chess tournaments he was playing where he drew similarities between the sportand solving business problems.

Mr. Trefler’s passion towards this game is reflected in his personal as well as professional lives as chess forms the core of Pega’s work ethos. Besides enjoying the game, Mr. Trefler also derives learning from it for his life as well as career and believes it is the game that has defined the way his life and career have shaped up.

Mr. Suman Reddy, Managing Director, Pegasystems India,spoke about their commitment towards chess,“Chess has been a part of our founding philosophy and Pegasystems India wants to take the legacy forward by supporting the sport and ensuring awareness is created around the benefits that chess brings to us both in the early age as well as in our professional lives.”

Pegasystems India also supports Sahajasri, a talented chess player from Hyderabad, in his pursuit of the sport.


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