Bidri, an exquisite art in making

Bidri is an art from Hyderabad which takes its meaning from the town of Bidar, located near Hyderabad. Bidri is a form of surface ornamentation in black colors, which never fades and is coated with silver and gold coverings.

Gunmetal, which is an alloy of Zinc and Copper is used for Bidri. The manufacturers use various moulds to give shape to the gun metal. Saline mud is kept out of sun light and air for almost 100 years and is used as oxidizing agent to give shine to the metal.

Flower vases, Cigar and Jewellery boxes and Huqqa buttons are the most sought after products of Bidri craft. Items like key chains, cuff links, paper weights, and paper knives are other Bidri craft which are used as gift articles.

The price range of Bidri articles is from a mere Rs. 30 to as much as Rs. 30,000, depending on the quality of the metal used and the design of the articles.








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