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bioCampus-training in specialized bioinformatics, genome and proteome analysis, molecular modeling, drug discovery & design and cheminformatics skills

bioCampus - a center of excellence, is the training division of gvk bio where training in specialized bioinformatics, genome and proteome analysis, molecular modeling, drug discovery & design and cheminformatics skills would be imparted to professionals from related inter-disciplinary fields. The program will focus on domain specific and IT to create professionals suitable for the global environment. The emphasis is on enhancing the professional skills of students who can then apply such skills in a real world environment, be it at research establishments or industry.

The training program has been designed to suit the needs of global biotech and pharmaceutical corporations after extensive research and industry interaction. bioCampus has developed its own proprietary course material which we believe is one of the first of its kind in the world. Each of the courses has two components which include theory and lab.

Guest lectures by recognized researchers and industry professionals also form part of the curriculum. The program has been specially designed keeping in mind the placement needs of international organizations. New programs will be introduced periodically to cater to the needs of the industry.

The courses currently offered are:

1)Protein Modeling and Rational Drug Design - PRD.
The Human Genome Project has revealed the existence of approximately 40,000 genes, some of which could be used as new targets for drug design purposes. There is a tremendous potential in the study of their functional genomics and the corresponding protein structure vis--vis drug design. Almost all the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies are focusing their efforts to discover new targets and to design new and better drugs.

The aim of this course is to impart training in the basic principles of protein structure, to generate the three dimensional structure of a protein from its amino acid sequence and its utilization in the structure based drug design studies. The course covers computational approaches to the drug discovery & design processes such as analogue based designs and pharmacophore based studies that are very useful in the absence of 3D-structural information of relevant targets.

There is a huge shortage in manpower with the requisite skill sets to perform such studies. This course tries to address such a need by imparting a comprehensive training in Protein Modeling and Rational Drug Discovery techniques.

2)Genome and Proteome Analysis - GPA.
Biology and medicine are being revolutionized by the advent of new technologies. The data emerging from the Human Genome Project and other organisms resulted in the emergence of new disciplines of science collectively called as 'OMICS Science' (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and pharmacogenomics). They offer new solutions to the unresolved problems in complex diseases. 'OMICS' studies result in production of huge amount of data in terms of sequence, structure, gene expression, proteins, metabolites and function.

The aim of this course is to impart training in the analysis of genomics and proteomics data. It covers topics related to molecular biology, genome analysis, functional and structural genomics, recombinant DNA technology, and DNA & protein sequence data analysis. The course includes several experiments in wet-lab and computational methodologies.

Many biotech and pharmaceutical organizations are trying to analyze such data to produce new targets using in-silico tools. However, their efforts are limited by the shortage of skilled man power. This course has been designed to address such a need

3)Advanced-Bioinformatics - ABI.
Bioinformatics stands at the interface of molecular biology and information sciences and promises to provide critical tools for managing the immense volume of biological data. The bioinformatics market primarily is driven by the need of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to increase the efficiency of their drugdiscovery and development efforts. These organizations use bioinformatics to identify drug targets and drug candidates, decreasing the time to bring new therapeutics to market

The objective of this course is to impart training in software application development, mathematics, statistics, cell & molecular biology, and other bioinformatics tools like SAS (Statistical Analytical System). Emphasis would be laid on understanding scientific databases & algorithms, sequence analysis and programing in various languages applicable to modern biology. The course includes an integrated project which involves the application of the above aspects.

This course is designed to address the growing need of manpower for the biotech and pharmaceutical organizations.

Further details can be had at:

gvk bioSciences Private Limited
#S-1, Phase -1,Technocrats Industrial Estate
Balanagar,Hyderabad- 500 037. Andhra Pradesh.

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