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CMD,Pragathi Resorts

Hyderabad: Pragati is the brainchild of Mr. G.B.K Rao, a visionary with an inherent aptitude coupled with vast experience in horticulture and real estate, resulting in the creation of Pragati Green Meadows & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Mr.Rao's modern technological and managerial acumen has evolved Pragati into a unique locale, which brings one close to nature and a healthier life.

Mr. Rao has worked on prestigious projects like Mech. Fab Engineering Works (Pimpri), approved by Lloyds and Bureau Veritas (Paris) and heading the 1200 Million Rupees project of Powmex Steels Ltd. Mr.Rao also holds membership in organizations like the Industry Advisory Committee of the Govt. of Orissa, The Confederation of Indian Industries, The German chamber of commerce, The Institute of Metals are to name a few.

Pragati Resorts has recently been adjudged the 'BEST FARMLAND/RESORTS' in Andhra Pradesh by the A.P Real Estate Developers Association (APREDA).

Pragati Resorts is an exotic paradise, a perfect hideaway far from mass tourism. The pristine charms of nature in its primordial best and warm hospitality ensure the perfect getaways. The tree-lined avenues with a row of blooming bougainvilleas and fish tail palms with lush green lawns and paved walkways make for a refreshing experience. There is a signature of green everywhere with colorful and blooming plants adding to the ambience.

Pragati Green Meadows and Resorts started developing the area to provide farmlands suitable for farm cottages and also to provide a modern resort over an area of 30 acres adjacent to the farmlands in the same premises. The result of careful planning and meticulous working for over a period of 6 years, with the able and devoted assistance of Smt. G. V. Kumari as the Finance Director and an enthusiastic and young Engineer with an MBA from Australia, Mr. Ajay Chandra as the Joint Managing Director, Pragati Green Meadows and Resorts now stands as a center of attraction for the weekend outing lovers of resorts, and the cottage life loving people.

In a situation of ever growing pollution of all sorts, urban life with its frenzied pace of activity is getting exposed more and more to health hazards due to the deteriorating environment. Ever growing population, migration of people from rural areas to cities and urban areas, rapid industrialization and consequent release of obnoxious gasses, indiscriminate felling of trees, destroyal of greenery for construction of factories and concrete structures and rapid changes in the life style of people have all been contributing to the present state of highly polluted environs.

Mr. G. B. K. Rao, an engineer turned environmentalist witnessing this situation and having concern to preserve and protect environment, had a firm belief that creation and establishment of green environs over large barren areas surrounding the crowded cities near to water bodies will go a long way to meet the situation, started planning for implementing this concept. After surveying the areas surrounding the twin cities, spotted an area of 350 acres, 35km away from the maddening crowds of the city near proddatur village of Ranga Reddy District, close to water bodies like Gandipet, Osmansagar and Proddatur lakes and grounded Pragati Green Meadows and Resorts (P) Ltd. Six years ago to spread the concept of living on farmlands for away from the hustle and bustle of city lives with the facility of a well equipped modern resorts.

Pragati Green Meadows & Resorts Private Limited is a pioneer in the development of farmland plots set in the midst of carefully cultivated natural environs & pollution free zone - offering unmatched green cover and serene ambience.

January' 2005


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