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 Unique Pavit Vitrified Pavement Tiles launched in A.P

Hyderabad:: Pavit Ceramics Pvt. Ltd  has launched its innovative and first of its kind of product "Pavit Vitrified Pavement Tiles" in Andhra market.

Disclosing this addressing a press conference in city, Mr. Ulhas Jadhav, General Manager Marketing of Pavit Ceramics informed that Hyderabad is a clean and green city and Pavit Vitrified Pavement Tiles add to its beauty and aesthetics. Giving the details of the product he informed that Pavit Ceramics introduces for the first time a novel concept, a robust alternative to conventional tiles.

Adopting an age old European concept, the company embarked on exquisite range of tiles, which are an ideal substitute for natural stone and cement/concrete based pavements.

Roads are the basis, the skeleton of the garden both in the literal and figurative sense. The form, location and windings of the roads determine the style and character of the landscape project of the territory. So a landscape designer draws the lines of the roads and paths. And the question arises: what will be this hard covering? The covering should be functional. It means that it should be solid in any weather, it should stand a definite load depending on different situations: if people walk on it or cars drive along it. And at the same time the covering is supposed not only to strengthen the created landscape but also to do it even more attractive.

The covering made from Vitrified Pavement Tiles looks very interesting. Applicable mostly in outdoor areas such as Entries, Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Porches, Lobbies, Hotels, Shopping Complexes, Multiplexes, Hallways, Petrol Pumps, Swimming Pool Decks, Steps and Landscapes. Manufactured at Jolwa using the state-of-the-art imported machinery, Pavit is the only company in India offering the right solutions for the pavements.

Claiming to pave paths for the future, these wide variety of products in palette of colours and textures, creating stunning visual effects offer advantages over natural stones, non-vitrified tiles, cement and concrete based pavers. Its credible physical properties like high load bearing strength, low water absorption, anti-skid nature etc. make it a versatile product. Further being in small sizes, the load bearing capacity is evenly distributed. These tiles are such robust, that the crushing load of the tile is more than the load bearing of even 80 ton .

Pavit offers a range of 4"X4" (100mm x 100mm) exterior floor vitrified tiling options in thickness of 16mm(heavy duty) series, 12mm(medium duty) series and 8mm(light duty) series in a wide range of colours and shades.

Indigenously made these tiles are now being offered to Andhra Pradesh customers first time through its city based distributor Patel Marketing. Within a short span of its launch in few parts of India, West and South, the products have already gained excellent acceptance. They have already sold tiles of over five lakh sft of area. Some of the well know organizations which have used these products include Tata West Side in Ahmedabad for their showroom, Divya Bhasker Daily Newspaper at Ahmedabad and Marathon Max Multiplex, Mumbai to mention few. Even before the formal launch of
this product in local market, they bagged an order for a real estate project, 7500 sq ft, a private bunglow at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

Priced on par with any other cement tiles, in different guages, Pavit Vitrified Pavement Tiles works out to be economical in longer run. The price range varies depending on the thickness and colour and is in the range of Rs 30 to 90 per sq feet. Vitrified Pavement Tiles are not new to Hyderabad. Two important places in city Gachibowli Stadium and Ramoji Film City has already used such imported material. Given the availability of these products, locally, the city already buzzed with lot of real  estate activity, will find these products very useful. And pavement market in India is increasing by the day. And the potential of the product is anybody? guess. Though there is no formal study available about the market in India, the company targets to achieve one lakh sq feet manufacturing capacity per day. And expects to sell about three lakh sq feet of tiles every month in the state of Andhra Pradesh, thus registering 1.2 crore sale per month.

The products are already available nationally in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kerala and Karnataka. It has the strong network of 40 dealers throughout the country. Coming from a group, which has excellent track record of several years in building materials, Pavit Ceramics is confident of capturing a huge market in near future.

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