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Metal World
 One of its kind handcrafted metal furniture showroom in the City

Like any other field Architecture, Interior Design, Home/Office furniture industry too has gone through sea-change over a period of time. Creativity is in. Pretenders are out. Originals are in. Welcome to Metal World, a real metal furniture showroom at  
at R.P Road, Secunderabad.

All the designs and works in the showroom incorporate a profuse use of all metals (power coated mild steel). According to Riaz Quarishi, the Designer of the showroom, if any wood was used, it was done so only for the purpose of contrast and aesthetic value. It is an exclusive and only of its kind of handcrafted metal furniture showroom in the twin cities, born of contemporary needs and tomorrow's technologies, he adds.

 Metal World is a fusion of aesthetic appeal and superior performance that's truly ahead of its time. Contemporary designs, interesting shapes, elegant interiors, beyond the work of an architect. Be it beds, dinning tables, chairs, curtain brackets, accessories, candle holders, shoe stands, light fixtures, mirror frames, dewans and any other home/office furniture, all made out of black metal and stainless steel. Even the showroom doors, pillars, columns, beams and ceiling are made of metal. Designed by Moriq Consultants, executed and produced solely by the carpenter turned entrepreneur Mr.Nemuchand Jangid himself and his group. 

This would definitely mark a deviation from conventional approach, an initiative reiterating the need for constant appraisal and innovation, add visitors to the showroom. And all these products incorporate unusualness in design and production combining visual appeal with practical usefulness, compactness and comfort. And what else? They are class in their appeal, long lasting and maintenance free. They stand the test of nature-termites and rust. They offer immense flexibility and strong support. Water cannot corrode them. Fire cannot burn. Atmosphere cannot oxidise. And the ease of installation in every modern construction. They can be inserted into any environment, from hi-tech to the most conventional areas. And are made available at affordable prices. Effort are to introduce low price wide range of home/office accessories which will be within 
the budget of middle class and lower middle class strta of the society.

The works of four carpenter brothers viz. Mr.Nemichand Jangid,Mr.Omprakash Jangid, Mr.Madanlal Jangid and Mr.Rajender Jangid is already receiving accolades from wide spectrum of customers who visited the showroom. What is so surprising is the appreciations carpenter brothers receive from best of the professionals from the Architecture community. 

Metal World is a dream come true to Mr.Nemichand, who migrated to Hyderabad in 1986 from a small village in Jodhpur district in Rajastan.He came to the city to do work of one of his masters. People liked his works and encouraged him so also he liked the city and decided to settle here. Though work was coming in his way, but the living was tough. He lead a hand-to-mouth life in his initial days. But, he never lost confidence. Coupled with his workmanship and strong determination he focused on new things. Thanks to the overwhelming success of his designs and his familiarity with the pressure of constantly confirming to time tested designs ,Nemichand brothers had successfully executed the works of some of the best showrooms of couple of multinational lifestyle product companies all over the country, including Pragati Art Press, a famous printing press in Hyderabad.That too without having any formal training or qualification in their specialisation. Only one of the four brothers is middle educated and rest are less fortunate. All they learnt was from their family in Kosana Village in Rajasthan. Today they are known for their exquisite styling and superb workmanship.



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