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Ohri’s Far East
The Orient comes calling

Hyderabad : Have you ever at your eccentric best ever wondered what ‘Fried Milk’ tasted like? For all those who like to search on the final frontiers for a refreshing new dining experience after Outswinger Pub, Ming’s Court, Gufaa, The Food Court at IMAX, Hyderabad’s very own leader in the hospitality industry, the Ohri’s Group brings you another top-of-the-line specialty restaurant.

This time around it is Ohri’s Far East, their newest venture at Road No. 12, Banjara Hills that proffers the Pan-Asian experience. To most people Oriental cuisine translates into the omnipresent Chinese food. Ohri’s Far East shatters the myth by presenting the choicest of culinary jewels from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and of course, China.

In the Orient, the dining experience starts much before the food arrives at the table. Taking its cue from the harmony that’s so much a part of all that’s Eastern, Ohri’s Far East has been designed along the concept of ‘yin and yang’. Its ambience replete with bonsai, unique oriental lamp shades, the gush of water at the entrance, the coordinated uniforms follows the tenets of ‘Feng Shui’, that advocates relaxation of the stressed mind and body.

The menu springs choice after superb choice. All conjured up with exotic ingredients like Sambai Olek Paste, Napla Sauce, Shao Scheng Wine and Japanese ‘Sake’ sourced from the Orient.

The open kitchen as well as the ‘Teppanyaki’ counter allow for that especially interactive experience that makes dining out a more personal experience. From gentle soups to the exotic Korean Crab Cakes, Phuket Fish, Krispy Konjee Lamb, Broccoli and Baby Corn in Mahalaka Sauce, the culinary journey promises some unforgettable moments.

To all of you who seek a slice of the mystical East, Ohri’s Far East presents the very essence of the Orient in a delicious platter.

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