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A rich agricultural state, Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest economy in the country with contribution 7.01% in the national economy. The state is the largest egg producer in India; it is the largest producer of rice in Southern India and second largest producer of horticulture products in India. Known for producing a variety of fruits and flowers, it is also a leading producer of cash crops like tobacco, dry chilli, groundnut, turmeric, oilseeds and sugar. The agricultural economy has supported the growth of allied industries in the areas of agro-processing, cold storage, warehousing, fertilizers and packaging. Agriculture and allied activities sector witnessed a growth of 3.9% in 2005-06 compared to 0.7% in 2004-05.

Andhra Pradesh, fifth largest state in India, endowed with fertile soils and cris-crossing rivers is called the granary of the country. Andhra Pradesh being the largest producer of rice, commercial crops like tobacco, ground nut, cotton, oil seeds, chillies, sugar cane, jute, turmeric, etc. has created a strong base for industrial activity. Andhra Pradesh is also second largest producer of fruits, vegetables and flowers in the country. 

The State with its seven agro-climatic zones, varied soils, produce various fruits accounting for 29% of the countries mango production, 25% of citrus, 12% of pineapple, 8% of grape and 7% of Banana and Guava. 

Andhra Pradesh for a giant leap in economic growth

Andhra Pradesh has a strong base in Horticulture and will build on this advantage to create rapid economic growth. By 2020, AP will have a thriving horticulture sector. It will be the leading supplier of fruits and vegetables to the country and will lead India in the export of horticultural produce - both fresh and processed. The State will be the preferred destination for private investment (both domestic and international) in the food - processing sector and will have a healthy food - processing industry growing at 15 percent p.a. over the next 10 years, driven mainly by export demand.

Marine Foods, Meat, Poultry and Dairy:

The thousand kilometer coast line, the perennial rivers, the fresh water aquarium and lakes have been a principal source for production of a variety of marine foods, fresh water foods, including fish and prawns in addition to the institutionalized aqua culture. The State is producing 2.61 lakh tonnes of fresh water fish, 1.50 lakh tonnes of Marine fish and 0.45 lakh tonnes of Prawn from coastal aquaculture. The State has well knit cold chain infrastructure. The state ranks first in the country in coastal aquaculture and second in fresh water fish production. The total value of marine products exports from the country is Rs 4700 crores, out of which the state contributes Rs. 1500 crores and there is scope for enhancing exports.

India has vast Livestock resources accounting for 20% of World Cattle and Buffalo population and 23.6% of Sheep and Goat population. India Ranks fifth in egg production. Export of Indian meat and Poultry products is growing very fast.

Andhra Pradesh State ranks first in Poultry, second in sheep and goat and fourth in Bovine population in the country. Andhra Pradesh State is producing 69000 M.Ts. Beef, 48,000 M.Ts, Mutton, 1,30,000 M.Ts. of poultry meat and 12,000 Million eggs. The State is having high potential for export of meat, eggs and chicken.

Encouragement to large players in Poultry and meat sector to achieve annual growth rate of 6% in egg production, 10 % in Broiler production and 2.5 % in meat production for next 20 years.

Dairy has been identified as an important growth engine in Andhra Pradesh and has tremendous potential for increasing income levels in the rural areas of the State.

Enormous investment opportunities exist for creation of adequate infrastructure for processed food industry including packaging. Entrepreneurs are invited to come forward for setting up cold chains, ice plants, freezing plants, processing plants, feed mills, hatcheries, setting up fishing harbors, fishing boats, and state of art technologies in packaging industry.


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