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Pharmaceutical industry mainly includes formulations and bulk drugs.Hyderabad, is the hub of pharmaceutical and bulk drugs industry. Hyderabad achieved excellence in the fields of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotechnology and IT. The sector has shown a growth of 16.29% in net sales during April-March 2005-06 in comparison to the corresponding period of previous year as per the data set available for pharmaceutical companies in the state. In the first quarter performance for April- June 2006-07, net sales have increased by around 43.02% against the same period previous year.

Hyderabad has emerged as a major drug manufacturing city of the country with a presence in the global market.

The bulk drug industry in India has come of age and emerged as a world leader in the export of bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals. It has number one status in the developing countries. Hyderabad offers excellent opportunities for the growth of bulk drug industry in the country due to availability of trained and skilled manpower, R & D facilities including at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology. The bulk drug industry holds promise not only because of the reasons connected with the growing population but also because of the tremendous export potential, this sector provides. There exists scope for manufacture of bulk drugs like; Ampicillin, Amoxycillin, Cloxacillin, Atenolol, Ranitidin, Lisinopril, Cephalosporins, Quinolones, Anti Inflammatory Drugs, Nifedipine, Antiasthmatics, etc. There is also good scope for the product required in diagnosing diseases, administering medicines, surgical treatment, various equipment required for the hospitals, health care products and medical disposables.

India is a net exporter of bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals. During the year 1998-99, the total value of bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals produced in India is US $ 1120 Million, out of which drugs worth of US $ 615 Million were exported. The Indian bulk drug sector is expected to reach an yearly production value of US $ 2480 Million by the year 2000-2003. The exports of bulk drugs are projected to be around US $ 1350 Million which indicates more than 100 % growth by the year 2000 - 2003 in this sector.

Andhra Pradesh is a leading State in the production of bulk drugs. During the year 1998-99, the value of bulk drugs produced in Andhra Pradesh was US $ 310 Million, out of which drugs worth of US $ 190 Million were exported. In addition new units with a total investment of US $ 8 Million are under different stages of establishment.

The bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals industry in Andhra Pradesh is predominantly in the small scale sector. Some of the industries like M/s Reddy Labs which started as small scale units have now grown into mega industries. The bulk drugs production has reached very high levels of efficiency and productivity in the small scale sector because of the availability of skilled technical persons, availability of raw-materials and strong Research and Development base in Hyderabad.

The State of Andhra Pradesh provides the most favorable environment for investment in bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals sector. There is abundant scope for establishing large scale and medium scale industrial units and also for forming joint ventures with successful local small scale industrial units. The Joint ventures can greatly benefit from the cheap technology already developed by the small scale industries.

Andhra Pradesh is also an investor friendly and attractive destination for such investments. State Government has schemes for making land, water, electricity and other inputs available to industrial investors at competitive and cheaper rates in the Coastal areas of State nearer to existing ports to facilitate exports. The technically trained manpower and great strides in Research and Development of formulations and processes, facilitate higher productivity and quality to make the products competitive in the international market. 

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