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Paradigm Shift

One day a bed ridden man in a hospital saw another guy being put into the room after the surgery. The room was for 2 patients. The new guy got a bed near the window. From that day on, the new guy introduced himself and  talked jovially, and always had a nice thing to talk about this old guy.

The New guy would look out the window and tell this guy, the wonderful scenes outside the window on the road. One time he would describe the beautiful Spring leaves flowing beautifully, another day he would describe the various actions going on ...on the foot path Another day he would  see and explain the children playing around playfully.

A couple of days passed by and this old guy got impatient and irritated by his bad luck of not being able to be there near the window. He infact felt jealous of the new guy. He carried his jealousy in just a few days into  hatred and wished that the new guy be removed from near the window. One night, this new guy in a fit of cough, and his condition grew worse.

Inspite of that, the old guy did not care to push the red button to call the nurses. And then he heard a long beep. The next morning, the nurse told him  that the new guy is no more. This old guy immediately asks the nurse that he be transferred to the bed near the window. What he sees outside the window gives him a lump in his throat.

There, outside the window is nothing but a dark red brick wall and nothing to see outside. All the while the new guy was only trying his best to entertain the old guy the best he can.

Once again, never assume anything

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