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18 out of 8000 city kids enrolled for Abacus and Brain Gym programs graduating to Grandmaster Level thus registering milestone achievement

AP emerges second after Tamil Nadu to achieve this record in India

Children seen solving mathematical problems using SIP's Abacus and BrainGym techniques

How many of us including adults can mentally calculate the answer for 41122 / 709 X 9 + 6704 within 8 to 15 seconds. Even using calculator, many of us adults might find difficult to do this calculation with the speed 18 city kids do. And that too they visualize and give answer in less than 30 seconds. Be it a division, multiplication, decimals, squares, cubes upto 5 digits, SIPís Grandmasters do with ease. And their computing skills are some of the best in the country.

The proficiency and speed is achieved by 18 out of 8000 kids enrolled for Abacus and Brain Gym programs offered by the Indian arm of SIP Academy SDN BHD, Malaysia, a company which imparts lifetime skills development programs for children, combining the best from the Far East and the West (U.S.) i.e. the twin offering of the Abacus and Brain Gym. Thus making Andhra Pradesh proud.

Similar record feat is earlier achieved by Tamil Nadu kids and now A.P becomes the second state in India to have produced 18 Grandmasters in Abacus and BrainGym. And this feat is achieved by all under 12 years old kids after going through the marathon training program of 8 Levels of SIP Foundation one, two, three and four programs, followed by Basic Level and three levels of five months duration of Grandmaster program.

Disclosing this addressing a press conference held at Media Junction today Mr. J. Sampath Kumar, Area Partner of SIP Andhra Pradesh said these eighteen kids include Lalitha B, G. Mahesh, Venkat Sai, Gayatri B, Anusha B, Meena Vasireddy, Srikara Prasad R.V, Sai Varuni I, Nihar V, Krishna Vasantha Meghana, Vishwambher K, Anuj Murali, Sharan Bahirwani, Juhitha K, P. Ashish, CDN Anirudh, Y. Soha Choudhary, K. Rashmitha and A. Sameera, who completed the training and will pass out at a unique and first of its kind SIP Abacus and BrainGym Grandmasters Graduation Ceremony to be held tomorrow evening at 6.30pm at RTC Kala Bhavan, Baghlingampally, Near RTC Cross Roads. About thousand gathering will grace the occasion. Mr. Dinesh Victor, Managing Director of SIP India will be the Chief Guest and do the honours.

Developing this kind of computing skills in the kids below 12 years is the SIP Academy, which launched its programs in India in 2004 and subsequent year in Andhra Pradesh. Today it has 65,000 kids undergoing these programs in 150 cities in 18 states. Currently 8000 kids are undergoing SIP Abacus and BrainGym programs in over 70 centres spread over 20 cities in Andhra Pradesh informed Mr. Sampath Kumar. Children when applied the computing skills they develop through Abacus and BrainGym excel not only in Mathematics, in other subjects as well and even in activities that are no way related to academics.

The skill you use to calculate with logic is called computing skill. The process of doing the same without the aid of any electronic device, i.e. using just the brain power is called Mental Arithmetic. "Abacus" is the tool that helps to develop mental arithmetic skills informed Sampath Kumar. The kids of Andhra Pradesh have been forerunners in this program right from the beginning. Be it a national or international competition, A.P students proved their mettle continuously informed Sampath. Our children proved far better compared to kids from many from other states in annual SIP Prodigy Contests held from time to time, he said. 

The Brain Gym and Abacus are the two internationally acclaimed Whole Brain Development Programs.

Reachout's News Bureau
 October' 2008

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