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The Exotic Hyderabadi Biryani

ADAAB… Welcome to land of exotic cuisine, Hyderabad. The list of exotic dishes from this Cuisine runs endless, but the Jewel in the crown is the "Biriyani ". An authentic Hyderabadi meal is never complete without one.

The method of making Biryani and its ingredients are a closely guarded secret. Every khaansa has his own recipe with a slight variation .The flavoring ingredient in the Biryani is the "POTLI KA MASALA". A combination of 21 condiments, herbs and spices that even include "Rose Petals ".

The two major variations in the Biryani are "Kacchi" and "Puccki" Biryani .The difference lies in the Preparation and the Pre cooking respectively .The heart of Biryani lies in Marination and the "Dum " (Steaming with live coals).

The "Kucchi Biryani " is made with uncooked meat and the marination time for the meat for this preparation varies from 90min-360min.The Marinate includes raw papaya peel , hung curd, spices and condiments. Some chefs use black and white pepper instead of red chilly powder.

The par boiled rice and the marinated meat are then arranged in layers with mint leaves, fried onions and saffron as garnish between the layers; the handi is then sealed and then handi is allowed to steam between layers of live embers. The seal of the Handiis broken only during the meals time and the delicious smell of the Biryani is allowed to waft in the dastorkhan whetting the appetite of the dinners.

The "PUCCI BIRYANI" is made similarly except for the fact that meat is pre-cooked before being arranged in layers for the dum.Of course, the marination process and the marinade will considerably differ for both these Biryanis.

The kitty of the Hyderabadi Khaansaas is filled with innumerable variations of Biryani .The vegetarians don't need to moan. The chef's have the Hyderabadi "Tarkari Biiryani" exclusively for them. The gourmets vouch for the fact that the Tarkari Biryani is just as sumptuous as the Kucchi or Pucci Biryani Till we meet Again Happy Dining.

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Shru Reddy is a graduate in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from Osmania University, presently working in Hyderabad.

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