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Hyderabadi Haleem

Adaab...Welcome to another issue of the Hyderabadi Cuisine. Its a festive season now, with the holy month of Ramzan just starting. The day of fast ends with dry fruits and tasty Haleem, a dish made of wheat and meat cooked overnight over slow flame. The cafe's and Hotels in the city are illuminated with lights and boards showing prices of haleem. Some Cafe's have tents and make shift kilns with full of haleem stewing away for the evening.

The delicious and mouth watering aroma of the haleem wafts around the city in the evenings.

Hindus and Muslims flock together to these joints and relish this famous dish. Infact it would not be wrong to say that people of all religions look forward for this festive occasion.

Preparation of Haleem is long and tedious process. The method includes cooking together of meat and whole wheat until soft and mushy and is finally seasoned with spices. We are including a simpler method of making Haleem for your convenience.

Haleem : Serves 10 persons

Ingredients Quantity
Wheat(whole) 200 gms
Boneless Mutton 300 gms
Green Chillis 20 gms
Ginger 2" pieces
Garlic 6-8 flakes
Fat 100 gms
Onions(sliced) 3 medium
Lime 2 medium
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala 2 tsp
Salt to taste


  1. De-bran the wheat ,wash and soak for 2 hours.

  2. Clean and marinate mutton with half of ground paste of ginger , garlic, green chillies and salt for 1 hour.

  3. Pressure cook the soaked wheat and marinated meat for about 45 minutes. Mince and grind to a fine paste.

  4. In a Pan heat fat ,add the finely sliced onions ,fry till brown, add the spices.

  5. Add the ground paste and keep stirring occasionally. On slow flame, till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Adjust the seasoning. Serve hot , with lime wedges coriander and fried onions as garnish.

Makers of world famous Hyderabadi Haleem introduces Diet Haleem this Ramzan season

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Shru Reddy is a graduate in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from Osmania University, presently working in Hyderabad.

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