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Welcome to the latest edition of Hyderabadi Cuisine. With the end of winter just round the corner and the advent of summer on the cards, the city of Hyderabad becomes a lively place. The families start gearing up for the summer, The woolens are aired and packed, the summer clothes are out of the closets and best of all the making of the sherbets starts in the earnest.

The onset of summer has the children in frenzy about their forth coming examinations and the vacations that follow. The beginning of summer has a lot of fruits like oranges and pineapples at a low price and the families start converting them into home made sherbets. Each household has their own version of making these sherbets.

The summer also ushers in the mangoes that are a hot favorite of the Hyderabadi's  (There are a lot of Hyderabadi's abroad who moan missing the Mangoes!!!) .There are quite a few innovative methods of using a mango, both ripe and raw, in the kitty of the Hyderabadi. One such pick is the famous "Panna" , a drink made up of the pulp of raw mangoes, a real thirst quencher!

The tangy recipe of "Panna" is the pick of the month.

Ingredients : (Serves 6)
Raw Mangoes  2 Medium
Water(Chilled) 1litre
Pepper Powder 10 Gms
Mint Leaves 1 Sprig
Rock Salt  to taste 
Green Chillies 2 small (deseeded)
Poppy seed paste  5 Gms
Chat masala  10 Gms(optional)


1. Boil the raw mangoes over embers until the skin starts peeling away and the pulp is slightly cooked . Immediately mash the boiled mangoes in little chilled water.

2. Add rest of the water and pass the mixture through a sieve to mash the pulp evenly. Add the paste of the poppy seeds (soak the poppy seeds in the warm water before making a paste.)

3. Add the powdered pepper, chopped and deseeded green chillies and rock salt.Add chat masala if you wish to.Check for seasoning to chill.

4. Garnish with chopper mint leaves and desiccated coconut before serving.            

5. Panna is good starter too and keep it for two days under refrigeration.

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Shru Reddy is a graduate in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from Osmania University, presently working in Hyderabad.

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