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"Newsletter on Fear of disease!"
Homeopathic treatment for Cholesterol


-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose

Dear Friends,

I used to have a family of 4 coming to me for various ailments. The man of the house, around 50 years of age, was a very peppy and energetic man and would walk in with a spring in his step and a smile on his lips! He would get his wife and children to me for different problems and would to constantly tell me, "Look Doc, touch wood I donít have any problems, I lead a very disciplined life and am absolutely healthy & exercise regularly!". It was always a pleasure to meet " Mr. Healthy".

The whole family then disappeared for about 4 months and then i saw" Mr. Healthy" walk in to my clinic with a humongous medical file in his hand, and sadly without the traditional spring in his step and smile on his face. When I asked what had happened he said that he underwent an annual medical checkup provided by his company. There was some minor abnormality in his ECG and the cholesterol levels were raised! So his doctors put him through various investigations and pronounced him as a "CARDIAC PATIENT" and his whole world came tumbling down!

Does this incident sound familiar? Am sure many of you reading this mail can recollect this happening to yourself or to one of your family members.

For God's sake I am asking you who will not have minor changes in the ECG after 50 years of age ??? We are all ageing right? With age there will surely be changes that happen in the body and these are normal changes which happen due to ageing! They are not abnormal for that particular age!

Raised cholesterol is a major topic of discussion everywhere. Tell me how many of you, or your parents or grandparents heard about cholesterol, triglycerides, ldl,hdl and so on and so forth? No one ever bothered about these about 10 years ago. Let me tell you one more thing the normal cholesterol levels which were between 200 to 250 has been brought down to 150-200 and a big hue and cry is raised about cholesterol and heart attacks.

Once you are diagnosed as having increased cholesterol you are put on to drugs which once started will go on throughout your lifetime just like your bp, blood sugar or thyroid medication. It is like subscribing for a cable TV and you pay for it every month throughout your life!

Just look at the millions of rupees at stake here.

How Can Homeopathy Help?
We have been very successfully treating cases with raised cholesterol over the years and many of you who are reading this mail will vouch for how homeopathy has already helped them. I normally take 3 - 6 months for treating raised cholesterol and then leave it alone once it comes to normalcy and it usually does not come up again!

Now i am not trying to say not to go for check ups or not to be careful about your health. All I am trying to say is to GET RID OF THE FEAR OF DISEASE from within each of you. Learn to accept aging and the changes that happens inside our body as we age. Do not try to defy the changes by taking medicines for parameters which are normal for your age. The medicines you take will do you more harm than the problem itself.

This new year lets all resolve that come what may we will not let anything related to health take away the spring in our steps and the smile on our lips!Because "HAPPINESS IS NOT THE ABSENCE OF PROBLEMS BUT THE ABILITY TO DEAL WITH THEM!".

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