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Model Papers are need of the hour for EAMCET-A Report 

              Don’t we here very often our young siblings expressing  desire to become a doctor or an engineer when he/she grows old. Such is the passion for the profession. 
And the passion for the profession is on the increase year by year despite several other career opportunities thrown open by exploding information technology and Internet. Last year more than one lakh sixty thousand students have appeared for the EAMCET
exam. This year the number is likely to go up to one lakh eighty thousands. And this is growing at a rate of 10 per cent every year. 

To catch with fancy for the profession are several coaching institutions, tutorials, academies and colleges. Keeping pace with the rate race are book publishers. Market is flooded with many kinds of resource material. Text books, guess papers, study
material, questions banks, guess papers, web sites, CDs and model entrance tests. And add to these are crash courses, intensive coaching, long/short term
coaching, bridge courses, Inter 1st year + EAMCET, Inter IInd Year + EAMCET, integrated, exclusive, residential, semi-residential, postal courses, long
duration contact programmes etc. Then there are other programmes such as ‘test and analysis sessions’, ‘open test’, ‘model test’, screening test, ‘scholarship test’ etc. Because of all these students and parents today are very much confused and unable to take a right decision. This has been leading to frustration. Mounting pressure from peers, parents and gruelling preparatory methods adopted by coaching institutes to
see some how their students get good ranks has been leading to the extreme step of committing suicide. 

In this light of back ground, a new resource material is brought out recently in the form of J.P’s EAMCET Model Papers. Boasting track record of 60% success rate (i.e. 60% of questions appearing in EAMCET-2000 from its last year’s Physics Model Paper) in the
initial year of publication, city based publisher has launched these series of resource material for the Engineering and Medical streams both in Telugu and English. With addition of one kind or other study material every year, are the EAMCET students really
burdened? Are they confused? Or are these are of any help?. Students, parents and faculty are boggled with questions like these and many more every year. To find the answers, and to share the same with media several authors, editors, lecturers, professors and subject experts assembled recently here in the city.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. T. Radha Krishna, Professor of Physics and Chairman, Board of Studies in Physics at JNTU College of Engineering, who has also authored several graduation and post graduation level text books for national and international publishers
and universities, said the success in EAMCET must be built over a period of time. The success depends on two factors- choosing answers intelligently and fast.  The logical application of mind to questions and the speed with which questions are answered are the two deciding factors for any candidates in the entrance test. To do that , it is very important that students understand the concept and apply mind rather than just
mug it up. Hence they constantly need to review their syllabus and practice answering wide variety of questions each in less than a minute. Given this
backdrop, it’s the original, authentic questions compiled on the pattern of EAMCET enable aspirants to have good practice, help them in increasing speed, teach them time management and above all condition them for the exact requirements of the competitive
exam. In such cases model papers come handy. Today’s EAMCET aspirants need to refer more such resource material. They are need of the hour. However, students must be careful in choosing such material.  Books published by genuine publishers and reputed
authors must be looked at, he added.

According to Dr. Rafia Sultana, a Reader in Botany at Government City College, EAMCET is a very important and crucial test for students aspiring to become doctors or engineers. They must work hard. Their preparation must begin well in advance, review
syllabus many times, practice answering questions- direct or indirect or twisted. The need for such preparation is more, because the competitive exam requires more practice, knowledge and above all to complete the entire 200 questions in 180 minutes.  Hence, Model Papers designed on lines with EAMCET weightage pattern will be very helpful to the
students, she informed.

Students need to know where they stand as far as their preparation is concerned. They need to identify their weak areas/topics and chapters, so as to focus more on
the same. Model Papers help students in such areas, says Cheripally Achaiah, a lecturer in Chemistry at Nehru Memorial Govt. College, Jogipet.

Competitive examinations are completely different from regular examinations. Few differences between competitive and regular examinations furnished here best illustrate the difference. In case of a regular academic exam: student passes the moment he scores the qualifying marks. Student is graded on the basis of marks secured in the academic exam. They are tested for what they already know. Whereas in case of a
competitive exam like EAMCET, students are judged on the rank they secure, they are given total marks and a rank. Students loose rank if others write one bit more. Candidates can be rejected seat/admission even after getting 90%, if others get 91%. And finally the candidate is rejected on the basis of what he/she does not know.

The above comparison clearly magnifies the difficulties in competitive exam. Success in a
competitive examination depends on the number of questions answered correctly in the given time but not on the quality of the questions one answers. Hence, it all ends up in time management. The one who manages time better will secure a better rank. In
EAMCET, students have less than a minute, to be precise, 53 seconds to answer a question. Further when they blacken circle on the answer sheet, it consumes couple of more seconds. In effective, students will have only 45 to 50 seconds to answer each question. Under such circumstances practice is the only solution to attempt every question accurately, with ease to score more to get good rank. 

Another important aspect is to use the available time effectively. When students attempt question, they must not waste time on difficulty questions. In first attempt, they must answer easy questions and difficulty ones in subsequent rounds. If candidates attempt questions in rounds, they can complete easy questions in the first round, medium questions in the next round and remaining difficult questions in the  last round. If they do so they may end up securing a better rank. 

According to Mr. Rajendra Prasad, Lecturer in Zoology, Aditya Junior College, Chandanagar Practice Papers orient the EAMCET aspirant for the exact requirement
of the profession he or she has chosen. Each model paper covering entire syllabus along with chapter weightage will enable EAMCET aspirants to review syllabus several times. This is nothing but a rehearsal before the final exam. By doing so the student is beginning to condition his or her mind for the exact requirements of the exam much ahead of most
of his competitors. In short, the success one gets in this entrance test needs to be built through practice. The goal of this preparation is to keep the student ahead with intensive practice immediately after the plus two exams and just before the EAMCET
Entrance Test. This will enables students to evaluate their performance at regular intervals. This practice provides an opportunity to students to mould themselves for the best results. Secondly, one gains precious time and stays ahead in competition. Thirdly,
number of attempts required for success in EAMCET can be reduced. 

According to Dr. P.K Dubey, Professor and Head Department of Chemistry, JNTU College of Engineering, Hyderabad and Mr. A. Jayanth Kumar, an author of Physics Model Paper and Lecturer at Govt. Junior College, Sadashivpet, Medak Dist, model papers are
most welcome and are need of the hour. They benefits students immensely, as they enable good practice, help increase the speed, teach time management and condition the student for the final exam. It has often been felt that the number of attempts necessary
for success can be minimized, a question can be more intelligently chosen, marks and ranks can be improved, if only students have lot of practice and start thinking about it early. In short, the target is to make aspirants successful in one attempt. 

-Reachout's News Bureau

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