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Interview Basics

Here are some basic interviewing principles to keep in mind:

Explore their needs
Remember that all successful selling starts with identifying the needs of the buyer, whether a company or a manager. Therefore, before you launch into your "carefully-prepared story," try to get your interviewer talking about the position and the problems facing his or her company or department. Listen actively! This will give you something to relate to.

Show that you are a team player
Remember that your interviewer needs to be convinced that you will be liked and respected by all members of the team. A future manager will be considering what it would be like to have you around for a few years.

Be inquisitive
You are there not only to answer, but to ask questions. You need to find out enough about the work, company, manager and environment to convincingly demonstrate why you would be a valuable asset. An employment decision is a mutual commitment, so you owe it to yourself and your potential employer to explore how the organization and the position meet both of your needs.

Use silence to your advantage
Some interviewers are trained to create silent moments to get you to talk. Silences of 10 seconds can seem like an eternity. Be aware of contrived silences and donít feel pressured to fill the gaps ó simply stop and let them ask you more questions.

Wrap things up
When you sense your time is running short, try to get closure and a reading on how you both feel about your candidacy, what should happen next, and how you are leaving things. Try to establish a reason for further contact.

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