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Be it Railways, Power Systems, Ports & Cargo , Airfields, Agriculture, Games Management, Law & Order, Health, Mining, Stock Exchanges, Education and Training, Communications and Network Consultancy, Image Processing, Internet and Intranet, Banking and even vegetable markets or other areas, C M C is helping improve the quality of LIFE through its IT solutions.... And that too in four continents around the GLOBE !

1976 was the year when CMC Limited commenced operations as 'Computer Maintenance Corporation'. CMC took up the challenge to service all installations left by IBM, when IBM decided to wind up its operations in India in 1978, and took over the maintenance of over 800 IBM installations spread across the country. Later it also maintained computers supplied by scores of other foreign manufacturers.

While maintenance activities progressed apace, encouraged and enthused CMC spread its wings and turned its attention to other areas of computer support. Computer centers were set up in different cities and whole ranges of consultancy services were offered. Computer education and training programmes were started. The R&D Centre at Hyderabad undertook pioneering projects in the areas of contemporary technology. Software development in data communications and database management became one of the Corporation’s fastest growing activities. And INDONET, India’s first commercial computer network began taking shape.

A significant milestone was project INTERACT, a major United Nation funded project aimed at fostering self-reliance through design, development and systems engineering of real-time, on-line and image processing systems, dedicated to development-oriented applications. A number of professionals from Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Yugoslavia and other developing countries worked with CMC on the project.

In view of the diversified business activities besides maintenance, 'Computer Maintenance Corporation' became "CMC Limited" in 1984.

While hardware maintenance continues to play a major role, CMC’s activities have advanced in many new directions. CMC is one of the leading System Integrators in the country with multi-faceted expertise in Information Technology. CMC has extensive and continually updated expertise in real-time systems, on-line systems, embedded systems, process control, transaction processing, image processing, data communications, networking, parallel architectures, e-Commerce technologies and e-Governance applications etc. Integrated with this 'horizontal' expertise in Information Technology is CMC’s 'vertical' expertise in a whole range of industries - both infrastructural, like power, coal, mining, oil and transport; as well as service, such as banking, education, insurance, securities, water management, e-Governance and law & order.

It is this totality of expertise that has enabled CMC to develop a variety of superior IT products and to execute a number of complex and challenging projects, not only in India, but also in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia. As a part of the globalization activity, CMC acquired a wholly owned subsidiary Company in USA, Baton Rouge International Inc. (BRI) in 1991, thereby expanding its international activities.

In the light of the growth of the communications sector and its importance to the liberalized economy, CMC revamped its communication network - INDONET, in terms of new protocols, communication lines & equipment as well as host systems. Besides, the need for highly specialized software engineering skills has triggered increased thrust on Education & Training activities.

In order to focus on the above mentioned business areas, five Strategic Business Units (SBUs) were formed in 1995 namely, Customer Services, Systems Integration, International Operations, INDONET and Education & Training. Each of these vertical business units operate as a profit center with increased overall productivity and accountability.

Business Units: CMC started its operations by taking over the responsibility of maintaining India's IT installations at the beginning and spread its wings quickly into other areas of IT as the skills developed and experience reached new heights. With a pool of more than 2600 experts CMC is providing the services of System Consultancy, Hardware / Software maintenance, System Integration and Re-Engineering, Country wide Network Service, Education and Training and Offshore Project Development.

Customer Services: CMC continues to retain the No. 1 position in 3rd Party Systems Support, Supporting a wide range of systems with several new business tie-ups and increased geographical spread. CMC is also the recipient of Techies award instituted by a leading IT Publication for being the best IT maintenance company in the country. For more details click here

Systems Integration: CMC continues to be a leading System Integrator in India by consolidating its position in the domestic as well as off-shore turnkey projects and Software market. As per the recent survey by a leading IT publication, CMC ranks No.2 in Domestic Software development. Our horizontal IT expertise and vertical market experience, further consolidated by its extensive experience of executing so many infrastructural projects puts us in an enviable position in this area of IT. For more details click here

Country wide Networking Services(Indonet): CMC is laying special emphasis on EDI and E-commerce applications and Internet Services. This would bring the required synergy with other services to benefit its customers over a large geographical area. The SBU has created new business opportunities by creation of Websites/home pages using INTERNET technology and provided Metro-Area-Network and wide-Area-Network Connectivity to many of its customers.

Education & Training: Today, CMC has more than 250 franchisees and several collaborative training centres with renowned Universities and Institutes. CMC is exploring the field of Internet based training. E&T Services is not just a business area for us but CMC sees it as commitment for building the IT person power base of the country. CMC has also started franchising its Education & Training abroad.

International Operations: There was a significant growth in the software and professional services in USA through BRI Inc, Its wholly owned subsidiary in USA. Several breakthrough were made in Ports & Cargo, Fingerprint identification system, Embedded Systems Solution and off-shore & on-shore professional services. CMC has received prestigious projects in Europe from Lucas Automotive Electronics, London Underground Ltd., UK, Bremerhaven Ports, Germany, Toshiba Electronics, Singapore and Chittagong Stock Exchange , Bangladesh.

CMC's worldwide clients include GE, TRW, Wind River Systems, Digital, CDC, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, N C R (AT&T), Mumbai Stock Exchange , Indian Railways, London Underground, etc. CMC Limited is one of the leading Information Solution Providers in India, with over 2000 IT professionals on its rolls.

CMC centre is ISO 9001 certified.

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