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MosChip Semiconductor Technology Limited (MosChip)

MosChip Semiconductor Technology Limited (MosChip) was set up in 1999, with the objective of providing Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) to meet diverse market needs. The company based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, specializes in designing very large integrated circuits (IC), manufacturing and marketing with particular focus on consumer and data communication ICs.

MosChip focuses on product design and development utilizing standard cell approach portable to multi foundries for processing. MosChip is a fables supplier of high quality, cost effective, reliable product solutions to its customers. MosChip Technology uses state-of-art development tools, and world-class fabrication facilities providing the company with advanced technologies that adhere to quality standards. By optimizing the resources of its manufacturing partners, MosChip Technology creates market unique and value-added semiconductor products to serve its customers needs. MosChip Technology continues to provide excellent service to a growing customer base throughout North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

MosChip senior management team has accumulated nearly 100 years of technical design, sales, and marketing experience combined with hands-on channel management and product development experience in the semiconductor industry. This depth of knowledge gives MosChip the expertise to maintain a competitive organization and the ability to respond to technology advancements and changes in the markets.


  • Nm9805 - 33 MHz PCI - 1284 Printer Interface
  • Nm9715 - 33 MHz PCI - Dual 1284 Printer Interface
  • Nm9820 - 33 MHz PCI - Single UART
  • Nm9835 - 33 MHz PCI - Dual UART with 1284 Printer Interface
  • Nm9845 - 33 MHz PCI - Dual Uart with I/O Interface
  • Nm9755 - 33 MHz PCI - 1284 port with I/O interface
  • Nm16C750 - ISA / General - UART with 64 byte FIFO
  • MCS7814 - 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub
  • MCS1284 - ISA / EISA - Multi-mode compatible controller
  • MCS7710 - USB 1.1 to single serial port interface
  • MCS7715 - USB 1.1 to IEEE 1284 printer interface
    MCS7830 - USB 2.0 to MAC interface


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