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J.Pís Inter Question Bank Books Unveiled

Hyderabad,:  J.Pís Print Systems Pvt. Ltd., the market leader in publishing EAMCET Model Papers and Study Material launched yet another most required perparatory material, J.Pís Intermediate Fist Year Question Bank here in city today. These are authored by experts in the subjects drawn from reputed educational institutions such as Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions, A.P Residential Junior College, Government Junior College, Nalgonda and others.

These books are made available in subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and English. And are published as in both languages, Telugu and English as per the new syllabus of The Board of Intermediate Education. These books are formally released by Mr. Mathews Peter, Publisher and Managing Director of J.P Print Systems and several authors of the books in a press conference held on Monday.

Brought out by Publications Division of Hyderabad based publishing company J.P Print Systems Pvt. Ltd, these are planned as an outcome of sustained research and analysis of the intermediate results and vis-a-vis students performance. It is found to the surprise of the publisher that nearly eight lakh students appear for Intermediate first year exam each year. Off which only forty per cent of them pass and remain fail. This per centage goes up slightly by three to five per cent after instant and supplementary exams. This means nearly four lakh students fail inspite of the best efforts by various educational institutions.

What is irony here is nearly fifty per cent of failed students never continue studies once they fail. Reasons for this could be frustration or lack of financial support. The astonishing factor here is seventy per cent of these discontinued students are economically poor. According to the Board of Intermediate sources, more than thirty lakh students have given up their studies in the last twenty five years in the state, after their failure in Intermediate exams. It is really a disturbing situation.

Hence, J.P Publishers have decided to come out with a unique question bank that supports and compliments the efforts of faculty and students. As all these books have winning features like solution of all questions from academy books, accommodation of important formulae and theorems. Plus these books provide fully solved additional questions, simple and easy solutions. Apart from answering questions from Telugu Academy books, additional questions with answers and solutions are provided in good number to help the students prepare for examination with heightened confidence. Answers to the questions have been framed by lecturers who have had considerable experience in guiding students to achieve excellence in Intermediate Public Examinations over the past several years. Synopsis is given in the beginning of each lesson. The book in English, infact, is the only English Book in the market published as per the pattern of examination paper announcd by the Board of Intermediate Education, Hyderabad.

Targetted at economically poor and backward students, these books are priced affordably at Rs 50 to 75/-. And are available throughout the state through a select books stalls.

It is the endeavour of the publishers to bring the best brains and rank producing lecturers of the top notch educational institutions together to address this growing concern of reversing falling intermediate results. So that those students who can not afford to go to those best coaching institutions, can find this question bank very useful and productive in achieving the good results.

According to Mr. Mathews Peter, the Publisher of J.Pís Inter Question Bank, the idea behind publishing these preparatory material is to orient the young minds for the exact requirement of the exam. The preparation must begin in systematic manner well in advance. By doing so the student is beginning to condition his or her mind for the exact requirement of the exam much ahead of most of his peers. The need for such an excercise is more because it requires more practice, knowledge and so a lot more preparation. In short, the results one gets in these kind of exams must be built over a period of time by supplementing the faculty help.

The initial response for the books is overwhelming right from students to faculty. Further, to make it doubly sure that these books reach to deserving students in nook and corners of the state, the publisher is undertaking a statewide roadshow beginning from today. Part of this exercise, students and lecturers contact programs will be taken up at farflung areas in the state, besides taking a help from mass media.

J.P Print Systems Pvt. Ltd is a publishing company with a difference. It made lot of difference to the preparation of EAMCET students by bringing out EAMCET Model Papers. Within a short span of its launch it bacame the name to reckon in the industry. This has resulted in a unique opportunity of conducting training programs (at the behest of the Board of Intermediate Education), for the benefit of 8000 (eight thousand) Government Junior College Lecturers in the last year. The insights gained interacting with so many lecturers is now put to use by way of Question Bank Books for the benefit of Intermediate First Year Students.

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