Aqua World Mineral Water Plant
"More than 80% of the diseases are water borne".
"Prevent your family from water borne diseases. "
"Install your own Mineral Water Plant at Home/Office"
"Convert your Bore Well water / Well water into Mineral Water"
"Now no need of going out with ur empty cans everytime to refill ur water at home"

Aqua World
Aqua World system is one of the leaders in water purification with most modern foreign technical systems. In this process water is passed under high pressure through thin film composite polyamide membrane having 0.0001 micron holes that removes more than 90% of dissolved content of mineral and allows only the required minerals and pure water. Purified water is collected for use in hygienic storage tank and impurities in water are flushed to drain.

Reverse Osmosis technology makes water both chemically and microbiologically potable by reducing hardness.

By digging bore wells even deeper, there is a high level of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in water which makes water hard, salinity and chemically polluted.

Unfortunately your conventional UV purifier has alarming limitations, they gives you bacteria free water, But do not remove hardness, dissolved salts and harmful chemical from water.

"Change your water, Change your Life"

Assured pure,safe,tasty mineral water at home

Time has come, today's water needs advanced water purification technology, the Reverse Osmosis which perfectly balancing essential salts and minerals, restores the natural taste of water, just the way your body needs and your family deserves.

The RO system is a very sleek system that will go very well with your Kitchen or any other place in the office. We also undertake commercial installation of Mineral water Plant ranging from 500 lts to 10,000 lts per hour as per ur requirement.

Aqua world can be installed at Home, Apartments, Hotels, Industries, Companies. We can install the system anywhere in Hyderabad or anywhere in Andhra Pradesh


Special Offer
MRP Rs 12,000
Special Offer:Rs 9499/- (Inclusive of  installation within Hyd & Sec)
(This offer is for ltd period only. Refer code No: ''ROHHYD'' to avail this offer)
We also accept online payment for delivery in Hyderabad

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Aqua World
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