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Cast: Vikram, Sada, Prakash Raj, Nasser, Vivek, Nedumudi Venu, VMC Haneefa, and others
Dialogues: Sri Ramakrishna
Music: Haaris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Manikandan and Ravi Varman
Editor: V.T Vijayan
Art director: Sabu Cyril
Action choreographer: Peter Hynes
Production : V. Ravichandran, Oscar Films
Story, Screenplay, Direction : Shankar
Date of Theatrical Release : 17th June 2005

Story : Ramanujam (Vikram) is a meek lawyer who cant stand carelessness in the society amongst citizens. He suppresses his anger, which leads him to a strange health syndrome called Multiple Personality Disorder. The person suffering from this, suddenly breaks into a new person and starts doing things which he refrained himself from doing so with a normal personality. Ramanujam is behind his childhood sweetheart Nandini (Sadaf) who doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings. To combat the wrong doers, Rama lifts the avatar of ‘Aparichitudu’ and kills the people according to the punishments mentioned in the Garudapuranam – the holy book, which shows the punishments, meted out in hell. To impress his love, he takes the avatar of the funky Remo. How the syndrome is cured, the lead pair unites and how the society changes is the story about.

Performances : For most of the big heroes in the southern film industry, the star image of the hero dominates the actor in them. Vikram is one of the intelligent and lucky few who comes out of that image and give superb performances and commercial films. He carried the film away totally with his performance and characterization. The instant variation in expression he showed, especially in the confrontation scenes between him, Prakash Raj and Nazar made the crowd go bonkers. Sadaf is just fine in this role, and shows the trendier side of her in the ‘Naku Neeku Nokia’ song. Vivek’s comedy is so-so, while Prakash Raj and Nazar did their role well. The other actors did their bit and added to the film

Technicians : Harris Jeyraj’s music is just average on the whole, and doesn’t meet the expectations of Shankar’s earlier films for which A.R Rehman scored the music. Yet, the ‘Remo Remo’, ‘Naku Neeku Nokia’ and the background score is very good. The editor V.T Vijayan gave a slick feel to the film with his effects, but he should have trimmed the film as its over 3 hours in length. Fights by Peter Hynes are simply superb, but if the situations in which they were inserted were better – it would have added to the film. Sabu Cyril’s artwork is of high standards, so is Ravi Verman and Manikandan’s cinematography. Director Shankar, known for his commercial extravaganzas with a social message once again chose such a subject. This time, he chose the docu-drama style of narration where a lot of time is taken to establish the characters and plot. This resulted in the lag the in the story pace, but the last 30 mins are the exception. The dubbing used for the tamil artistes are those of popular telugu artistes, which also could have been avoided.

Analysis : The first half is so-so and the entertainment episodes have too much a tamil flavour, which is not so humorous. Also, the interval bang is so-so but the story picks up some momentum after the interval and the last 30 minutes is very good. This film is those who watch serious cinema with social messages and look for variety. Lets see what money it brings at the telugu boxoffice.

Courtesy: Non Stop Cinema

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