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'Jism 2'

    • Released On :Aug 3, 2012
    • Language :Hindi
    • Genre :Adult, Thriller
    • Cast & Crew :Sunny Leone, Arunoday Singh, Randeep Hooda
    • Director :Pooja Bhatt
    • Writer :Mahesh Bhatt
A star is hired by a dashing intelligence officer to become a Honeytrap for a dreaded assassin. In doing so, she not only has to confront her bitter-sweet past, but is also forced to make an impossible choice - one that will put her own life in double jeopardy.Indo-Canadian star Sunny Leone is onto her first break in Bollywood.

Actress-turned-director Pooja Bhatt before the film release had hoped Jism 2 would be lucky for her the way ''Arth'' was for her father Mahesh Bhatt.Looks like its going that way. Sunny Leone has indeed set the Indian silver screen on fire!

Ps:Its been reported that 'Jism 2 has done a business of 21 crores in India over the weekend!

Rating: **
* Poor,** Average,*** Good,****Outstanding

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