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Starring: Venkatesh, Srikanth, Sivabalaji, Sarvanand, Chandra Mohan, Prakash Raj, Arthi Agarwal, Sneha, Sangeetha, Rathi and others
Music: S.A.Raj Kumar
Production: R.B Chowdat, Supergood Films
Cinemtography : Balamurugan
Dialouges : Paruchuri Brothers
Story : Linguswamy
Direction: Muppalaneni Siva
Date of Theatrical Release : 18th February 2005

Story Synopsis : Raghavendra (Venkatesh), a departmental store owner falls in love with his neice Anjali (Arthi Agarwal). Though they get engaged, the alliance is called off as the bridegroom's sole property - his store is lost due to an incident. Then, he starts from scatch and his business scales to a height where his brothers Vishnu (Srikanth), Chinna (SivaBalaji) and Vamsi (Sarvanand) also jointly run the shop. Raghavendra marries a nice woman of his choice (Sneha) and gets his brother Vishnu married to Anjali's sister (Sangeetha). Problems arise in the family, with the entry of another woman as she is jealous and starts feeling insecure that her husband does not hold a great place in the family. The younger one Chinna too falls in love with the daughter of rich businessman (Prakash Raj) who threatens to rip the family bonds apart. How the family overcomes all this, to a feel-good end is the story all about.

Performances : This yet another role, which tailor made for Venky - who has a family image. With so much experience in doing such roles, the senior actor is excellent in delivering the goods and uses his eyes well to emote. Srikanth has bagged yet another good role of a supporting artiste, whose charecterization is good enough to be termed as the 'second lead' of the film. Arthi Agarwal is seen on screen after a long time, and does well. She had toned down a bit, and has a sweet, short role to play. Sneha played the role of a devote wife with ease, while Sangeetha excels in the grey role. Siva Balaji scores well on the looks and performance front, while Sharvanand is just functional. Urvashi and Saradha played screen moms and did them well. Venu Madhav was a mimicry artiste before he turned a comedian, and his role of spoofing the charecters from Mass, Shankar Dada MBBS and Gharshana were good, and provided comic relief.

Technicians : Linguswami's story is an emotion-filled drama, but its just like an extension of our daily soaps. There are loads of cliches in the film, like hero loosing his wealth and re-earning it through his grit. The way the society beriddles a man who lost his wealth, and praise him when he earns his position back. The heroine ditching the hero when he looses money and later repenting over it for letting go of a nice man. These are few of the oft-repeated scenes in telugu movies. Muppalaneni Siva does a good job in executing a neat story with good screenplay, and a high emotion graph - but there is hardly any freshness in direction. Paruchuri Brother's dialogues are adequate, while Balamurugan's camera work is merely sufficient. S.A Raj's music is better in the film with the picturization added, though there are not chart-toppers either. He has to come out of the old approach towards background music during sentimental scene - a sad tune played on a veena. The production values matches Supergood Film's standards.

Analysis : This is just another neat family entertainer from Venky, where he plays the all-rounder. Both the first and second half were good, with no highlight scenes or sudden unexpected twists. The story runs on the relations between the charecters. All artistes have put in good performances, which is one of the movie's strengths. Venky has a track record of making average family entertainers into good box-office money spinners. With this film starting off with a positive talk - the film is bound to be a decent hit at boxoffice. Lets see if it can elevate to a good range, as we have to see how many housewives will give up on their daily dose of serials to watch this film.


Courtesy: Non Stop Cinema

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