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Cast Madhavan, Simran, Prakash Raj, Baby Keerthana
Music AR.Rahaman
Story - Screenplay - Direction Mani Ratnam

Maniratnam's "Amrutha" has been released in Telugu all over and unlike his previous films its been a very low profile release. With hardly any expectations when one sees a film and if it is well made than its a real pleasure to watch such movies. So is the case of "Amrutha"'s story which has been very well handled by the ace director.

The movie would have been a classic movie if not for the near bad climax which ended with a lot of melodrama.

The film opens in Sri Lanka where JD Chakravarthy and Shyamala (Nandita Das) get married and it so happens that the ethnic turmoil in Sri Lanka forces Nandiata Das to leave the island while she is pregnant and she lands in Rameshwaram where she delivers a baby girl at a refugee camp and her love for her motherland forces her to go back leaving the baby at the Red Cross.

Then the next scene is Srinivas (Madhavan), his wife Indira (Simran) along with his two children having adopted Amrutha (
Baby Keerthana). Madhavan is a revolutionary writer leading a very happy life with his family and then it so happens that one fine day he reveals the true identity of Amrutha to her and then onwards Amrutha starts pondering about her past and ultimately her anxiety forces Madhavan to go to Sri Lanka to see her real mother.

Will Amrutha see her mother who left her 8 years back? Will Madhavan succeed in taking her to the war throne Lankan terrains? Is Nandita Das still alive?.....Well all these answers are awaiting at the theatres near you. Maniratnam for sure is gonna take you for a breath-taking visual ride through Sri Lanka.

The first half of the movie is very lively while the second half towards the end loses the phase and the ending is left desired for more. 'Amrutha' is a mix of "Bombay", "Roja". The find of the movie is 'Amrutha' herself who has given a very memorable performance. (Baby Keerthana is the daughter of Seetha ,Telugu heroine) Madhavan is quite serious while Simran also come up with a down to earth performance. AR. Rehman's music like always is bound to catch up slowly with his listeners.

-Maju Kuriakose

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