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Cast : Raja, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Raja, Satya, Abhijeet, Bakita and others
Story, Screenplay, Direction, Dialouges : Shekar Kammula
Choreography : Nixon
Production : Amigo Movies, National Film Development Corp.
Cinematography : Vijay Kumar
Music : K.M Radha Krishnan
Date of Theatrical Release : 15th October 2004

Story : Rupa (Kamalinee Mukherjee) is an orphan whose parents die at a young age, due to negligent driving by a drunkard who happens to be the hero Anand's (Raja) father. This accident haunts his father, who finally turns insane. The family always swallows the bitter pill of guilt, and have a soft corner for Rupa. After her marriage is fixed, she calls it off due to  Rahul's mother's ugly behavior. Out of curiosity and concern, he moves into her neighbouring apartment and keeps a tab on her, and eventually falls for her. How they finally unite is the rest of the story.

Artiste Performances : The person who steals the show is Kamalinee Mukherjee, who is highly identifiable as Rupa - a simple, urban telugu girl. Though the film is titled on the hero's character, it revolves around the heroine and her life. But, Raja does not allow himself to be sidelined, thanks to her controlled performance that made an impact. He was never loud, and has emoted well. Satya Krishnan as Anita played the heroine's neighbour, friend and mentor. She entertains the audience, with her care-free, easy going character and looks good too.

Technical Analysis : The story has similarity to the Hindi film Tum Bin, where the hero tries to do justice to the heroine as he kills her fiancé in an accident, and eventually falls in love with her. It's a highly predictable storyline, but presented in a very enjoyable way. The screenplay of the director Shekar Kammula is realistic, yet fast which is an asset to the film. The climax episode was prolonged a bit, which is excusable. The film has so much telugu flavor, it cannot be remade into another language! The dialogue are realistic, and simple and has penned by the director himself. The cinematography by Vijay Kumar is natural, and is A-grade. KM Radha Krishnan's background score is apt, but the songs are the like the ones from art films. The production values of NFDC and Amigo Movies seem to be off the standards, though the film was made on a budget of 1.3 crores. The film can be a profitable venture, if exploited properly by taking it to other urban stations.

Courtesy: Non Stop Cinema

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