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 Suresh,Brahmaji,Prithvi,Pooja,Rami Reddy,Tanikella Bharani




Subbarao Gosangi

              There was one question on everybody's lips after they had seen  Bhavani .
Why does'nt Suresh get good and challenging roles in movies. Having seen his talent in many movies including a face-off with chiranjeevi in the recent film, are there no directors to utilize him in our "aplenty south"?

             Though the film is a true copy of Award winning "Vaastav" (*ing Sanjay Dutt), this movie does not degrade Suresh. Instead the plot is more subtly handled by the director Gosangi Subba Rao. 

             The movie depicts the statement "Follow crime and get nailed". Suresh, Brahmaji are merry-go-round people enjoying their life's. Suddenly they realise the importance of money and they open a mobile restaurant. They earn well but one day they get into a scuffle and kill the Hyderabad ' Don's ' brother and are in the middle of action. To save themselves they slip into the murky underworld deeper and deeper.
Eventually to their nature they are not just in the underworld but are the leaders of it. He strategies his opponents killing at every move with brute force. He eliminates every competition before him in the underworld of Hyderabad and becomes the undisputed leader. But crime never payed. He slowly raises his contacts with the 
politicians and buys his own downfall.

              Everybody who saw this movie are coming to a logical conclusion. If Sanjay can get an award for "Vaastav " then why not Suresh for " Bhavani ".


Rating:- * * * *

* Poor, ** Fair,  *** Average, **** Good, ***** Outstanding

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