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Running housefull in City

    • Released On :Jul 6, 2012
    • Language :Telugu
      Genre :Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    • Cast & Crew :Nani, Samantha , Sudeep
    • Director :S.S.Rajamouli
    • Music :M.M. Keeravani
    • Length :2 hrs 17 mins


Eega is a revenge story of the protagonist, who is rechristened in to a housefly after being killed by the villain.The hero doesn`t manage to express his feelings and gets killed by the villain. In order to avenge him, the hero is reborn as a fly & then its a fantastic roller-coaster ride worth every frame of the film.
From M.M Keeravani's music to Senthil Kumar's cinematography which is larger-than-life, Eega's is absolutely brilliant all the way due the the efforts of the ace director Rajamouli. Its indeed mind-boggling that the Rajamouli could make a fantastic thriller out of a fly. The whole team of 'eega' need a pat for their commendable efforts in bringing out a larger then life story out of fly.SS.Rajamouli has pulled off a rare masterpiece that is absolutely brilliant! Must watch!

Rating: 4 Cheers!
* Poor,** Average,*** Good,****Outstanding

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