Ek Rishtaa



Suneel Darshan

Starring Amitabh Bachchan,Akshey Kumar,MohnishBahl,Juhi Chawla,Karishma Kapoor,Rakhee,Shakti Kapoor,Ashish Vidyarthi


"Father,Son and the Bond"

Amitabh in his second stint is finally settling in a groove that's complimenting his age and as an aged man his performances are turning out to be quiet outstanding and finally the audience is wanting more of him. His French beard in the KBC show continues in this movie and fits him very well as an industrialist.

Now the story is of a very successful Industrialist Mr.Vijay kapoor (Amitabh) whose personality charms the world over and his family consist of his wife (Rakhee), Son (Akshay Kumar) and 3 daughters (Prominent being Juhi Chawla).It so happens that he comes across a fan (Mohnish Behl), a young graduate who falls for the sucess of Amitabh and requests him to give him a chance in his Company.Mohnish Behl turns out to be a very loyal guy and eventually marries Juhi Chawla.

Then suddenly on Akshay joining his family business begins a series of incidents that shatter the whole family so much so that their wealth and reputation is at stake.

How the whole thing ends and how the trauma of instability haunts the family and finally the bond of love is what sums up "Ek Rishtaa".

There is enough sentiment in the film to keep the audience on their seats and with a fine performance from Akshay Kumar the movie is quite watchable.And for Amitabh fans, those not feeling enough watching him in the KBC show, should not miss this movie.


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