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Yeh Tere Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar

Cast Sunil Shetty,Mahima Chowdhry,Paresh Rawal 
Director Pridyadarshan
Music  Annu Mallik
This one is a typical Priyadarshan films with lots of comedy and 
down to life situation sequences. The success of Hera Pheri behind the director, Priyadarshan has yet again come out with similar type of a movie, this time around the theme being the woes of a house owner in Mumbai.  

Sunil Shetty, a simpleton is forced to leave his village to meet his financial problems. He sees no other source except to sell his house in Mumbai which is occupied by a very reluctant family. Mahima Chowdhry as an outspoken tenant cares a damn for the house owners pleas and it so happens that Sunil Shetty forcibly gets into the house and stays there and makes all the efforts under his cap to oust the tenants.

In the process he comes across his childhood friend Paresh Rawal who is now the inspector of that area and then his hopes rises. Then it so happens that Paresh Rawal get bowled over by Mahima's charms and them Sunil Shetty gets stuck in between devil and deep sea.

There after how he woes Mahima and then what happens eventually is all that's called ''Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar'.

Mahima Chowdhry has come out with a splendid performance while Paresh Rawal looks very handsome in a very different role. Sunil Shetty is just about okay. Govinda would have very well suited the role of a house owner more then Sunil Shetty as the role demanded lots of comedy which has not been delivered by the action hero, Sunil Shetty.

Nevertheless the movie is watchable.

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