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Gudumba Shankar

Cast: - Pawan Kalyan, Meera Jasmine, Rajan .P Devan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sayaji Sinde, Ali, Bramhanandam, Kota, Rami Reddy and others
Music : - Mani Sarma
Story , Dialouges : Satyanand
Screenplay : Pawan Kalyan
Photography: - Chota K Naidu
Fights: - Alan Amin, Vijay, Stun Shiva
Production : - Naga Babu, Anjana Production
Direction: - Veera Shankar
Date of Theatrical Release : 10 September 2004

Story : Gudumba Shankar (Pawan Kalyan) is a street smart person who makes a living by fooling other people. He moves to Hyderabad from Vizag, where he accidentally meets Gowri (Meera Jasmine) on the highway. He intially tries to suppress his feelings towards her, thinking its mere friendship. But realizes its love, and learns that she had run away from her home as she was forced to marry Kumara Swami (Ashish Vidyardi) as he believes a lot in astrology which recommends him to marry her for riches. Knowing that Swami’s weakness is astrology, Shankar gets hold of Parabramham (Bramhanandam) his astrologer and joins his brigade. He enters the wedding as a ‘wedding planner’ along with pals and begins to make a fool out of the villain. How he uses his brain and makes his way through to marital bliss is rest of the story.

Performances : Pawan Kalyan’s performance in this film is his best so far. He handled comedy with extreme ease. He looks handsome, wears good costumes and entertains the audience with his dialogue delivery, dances and mannerisms. It’s a tailor-made package for his fans. Meera Jasmine, the National Award winner gives in a decent performance while she looks heavy. Ashish Vidyardi plays the role of a soft villain, while Rajan P.Devan also has a soft role of a mental patient. There is no great importance to Sayaji Shinde and Ponnan’s roles. Ali plays the role of a eunuch while Venu Madhav, Sunil, Jyothi’s comedy generated ample laughs. Bramhanandam has a good role of an astrologer.

Technical Department : The story by Satyanand is below standards. Many sequences in the film are lifted from popular films and lack proper logic and reasoning. Expect for the scene where Pawan imitates popular heroes, the dialogue are just mediocre. Screenplay by Pawan Kalyan is reasonable good, but it doesn’t get enough support from the story. Chota K. Naidu’s photography is just alright, while its good in the songs. The three fight choreographers tries giving a realistic look to the fights, but that it isn’t great either as this a mass, make-believe film. The climax fight stands out amongst all. The music is one of the film’s major plusses. The crowds go berserk for the rap bit in ‘Chitti Nadumune Chustunna’ song, while Killi Killi and Chilakamma Mukkuki song also evoked a good response. The choreography by Harish Pai, Raju Sundaram for their song is good, while Brinda’s work is just average, as usual. Veera Shankar who debuted with a flop film, has average directorial skills. His narration skills are just okay as the love scenes could have been more convincing, and a wafer-thin story has stretched for over 2:45 hrs. Editing by Yusuf Khan is bad, as the scenes were prolonged unnecessarily. One of the reasons for this could be that, he doesn’t have a command over telugu language. The production values of Anjana Productions are high.

Analysis : The first half of the film is just average, with no major comical situation or songs. The second is better as there are many good songs, comedy and entertaining episodes. Since there are 4 villains in the films, the fights should have had mass orientation. Kalyan’s amazing screen presence, comedy and music are the films pros, while slow narration, length is the drawback. While its no entertainer like Kushi or Thammudu, it’s not a bad film either. It’s a popcorn flick made for Pawan Kalyan’s fans. The publicity of the film is very poor, and instead of projecting it like a mass film, they makers should project is like an entertainer. Also the film could be made more entertaining, by editing a few episodes. Despite the fact that the publicity is poor, and Pawan’s earlier film was a disaster, the film opened to mind-blowing openings. The forthcoming days would tell the film’s fate at box office.

Courtesy: Non Stop Cinema

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