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Moodu Mukkalaata

Cast :Jagapati Babu,Soundarya, Rassi and Rambha

A simple movie

Previously it used to be Shobhan Babu, who used to be the hero for three or more heroines. Looks like our Jagapati Babu (JP Babu) is also walking in the foot steps of S.Babu. More than three times he acted against three or more heroines. This time the number is again three. Soundarya, Rassi and Rambha. This "Allari premikudu" previously was involved in "Chillakottudu" which had Madhoo, Gautami, Kasturi and others as some of its heroines. 

Just as the title suggest about a three card poker game, Moodu Mukkalaata is about a lecturer, two students and librarian who are in love.... the quadrangular way. While all the three are after the hero, he only reciprocates mentally against the librarian. To add sauce to the story the cinema has two fathers for the two students who are dons. They have never heard a word called no against them. Finally the spices, Librarian has a brother in law who is after her. Typical Raghavender Rao stuff of sentimental values. 

What follows is a movie of sitcom type. Watch how the hero manipulates everyone to win his love. This is the moodu mukkalaata.


Rating:- * * 

* Poor, ** Fair,  *** Average, **** Good, ***** Outstanding

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