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Anil Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee, Sushmita Sen, Amrish Puri
Director Shankar 
Music Director

A. R. Rahman


Nayak is a political thriller and a crusade against corruption, with a novel story of commoner who becomes the Chief Minster for one day and how he goes about on a clean-up mission.A simpleton TV news reporter, in the course of his job, interviews the chief minister of his state who challenges him (reporter) to take over as the CM for a day and show what he can achieve. 

The reporter accepts the challenge and in a single day he achievesa near miracle. In the end, he also gets the corrupt chief minister and other ministers arrested. 

The people of the state see a hero in the one-day CM. Mid-term polls are announced and the one-day hero is forced by the public to contest elections. He relents after a lot of persuasion, and is elected the new chief minister. 

He continues his crusade to expose the corrupt and bring them to book but has to face a lot of hurdles in the way, including the murder of his parents. Ultimately, he masterminds a plan to book the ex-chief minister who has made life miserable for him.

The film, a remake of the Tamil & Telugu blockbuster 'Oke Okkadu' has novelty for the audience but the drama has been handled in so simplistic a manner that it looks rather unbelievable. 

After the TV hero becomes the elected chief minister, the only worthwhile new thing he does is the putting up of complaint boxes in every area, a scheme that becomes very successful. The latter part of the film becomes a personal vendetta drama more than a fight against corruption 

Anil Kapoor does a splendid job as the reporter-turned-chief minister. He looks every inch the character he plays and shines in emotional and dramatic scenes. Rani Mukerji acts ably but has a small role. Amrish Puri makes an effective villain but he too gets limited scope. 

Paresh Rawal is superb. His simplicity is his biggest asset. His dialogues are very effective. Johny Lever's comedy entertains till it becomes too repetitive. 

Shankar's direction could have been much better. His inept handling becomes conspicuous as unrealistic and unbelievable things happen in this serious issue-based drama. 

Music (A.R. Rahman) is a major minus point of the film. Except for 'Mitwa' and 'Shakalaka' songs, the other numbers are too boring to be true. Although song picturisations, especially 'Saiyyan' and 'Tu achchha lagta hai', are heavenly and also novel, the impact is half-lost due to the boring tunes. The 'Saiyyan' song can easily be deleted. 

On the whole, Nayak does not have enough entertainment value for everyone.As far as Hyderabad audence is cocerned the original Arjun's 'Okke okkadu' was any day  better than this.


Rating:- * **

* Poor, ** Fair,  *** Average, **** Good, ***** Outstanding

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