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Reachout's Review of "Pukar

Stars: Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Namrata Shirodkar, Danny, Om Puri
Music: A.R. Rahman
Direction: Rajkumar Santoshi

Pukar : Starring AnilKapoor,MadhuriDixit,NamrataShirodkar d



This movie is directed by the ace Director, Rajkumar Santoshi who tries his best to overcome the debacle of "China Gate" and although he almost succeeded in making yet another crown in his feather, some how this movie fails to work.

Major Jai Ranjwansh(Anil Kapoor) brings laurels to the country when he captures the most wanted Terrorist leader Abrush(Danny Denzongappa) .He comes back home amids cheer and gets torn between Anjali(Madhuri Dixit) and Pooja (the Sexy Namrata Shirodkar).Anjali longs for Jai and in between he ends up in a total mess when Abrush escapes from his custody. He is held for treason and court-martialled.This at the first half of the movie which is really good with all the romance, comedy & scintillating music.

Unfortunately the second half is very racy with Jai out to finish off the operation of Abrush all by himself. This one man army concept , very often adopted in the bollywood movies is yet again repeated even in this movie and this lets down the otherwise good movie.

AnilKapoor is at his usual best or rather gives one of the best performance till date while Madhuri Dixit appears to be an aging actress.

Lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri & Javed Akthar,finely complimented by the masterly music of A.R.Rehman are the highlight of the movie.The Cinematography is simply superb.

All in all a posh movie with enough Technical brilliance.

In Hyderabad the movie is running at "Sensation cinema", Lakdikapool and it has almost become a sensational place for all cinegoers.With good cushion seats and ample space, it appears to be the happening theatre.Music system seems to be the best in the city and is surely giving a race to "Sangeet Theatre".

Reachout's Rating : ****

* Poor, ** Fair, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Outstanding

Reachout's Review of "Annayya"

Stars: Chiranjeevi,Soundarya 
Direction:Muthyala Subbaiyya


chiru and soundarya

Muthyala Subbaiyya is known to be a good director. When a good director does his work with a great actor like Chiranjeevi, the movie should be at least good. This movie cannot be rated as good on the whole but instead, FAIR is the word I would like to use. There is a difference between how an English movie is made and how a Telugu movie is made. Most English movies, unless that directed by an Indian in India for Indians, does not direct keeping in mind of the Interval, coz there is no interval. So that brings to the point that there are two halves in this movie "Annayya". While the first half almost rates itself as good, the second half has what we people call "Sentiment". So all in all the movie is Fair.Good job Mr.Chiranjeevi.

Rajaram,"Annayya",(Chiranjeevi) is a self employed individual having a truck transport company with 40 trucks to his name and he cares for the poor. More than all he cares for his brothers. They are a pampered lot. Devi,"Akkayya" , (Soundarya) plays the same role to her sisters what the hero plays to his brothers. Rajaram's brothers are always mischievous in what they do. Though Mechanical Engg.'s they are too lazy to work and also to show their talent. Raja Ram's younger brothers fall in love with Devi's younger sisters. When Rajaram approaches Devi for his brothers' marriage, Devi refuses as she is against people who drink Alcohol. The rest of the movie shows how Chiranjeevi plans to teach his younger brothers to become Men. Some sentiment in between the reels but these things are common in telugu movies.

The movie is first released premierly in Sandhya 70 mm at the RTC X roads. The sound effects was a pleasant surprise. The movie did not have a single boring bit until the Interval. What's more, these days short movies are the recipe for successful films.

You cannot find fault with every movie that these good actors do. So in a way Chiranjeevi has done a good movie.

Reachout's Rating:***

* Poor, ** Fair, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Outstanding

This Dreamz unlimited movie has been a very eagerly awaited , thanks to the melodious number "Hum logon ko samjh sake ....." which has almost become a National Anthem in India today.

The Movie starts with this amazing song by Udit Narayan(who has thrown his heart out for this song), and then onwards takes over on to the big bad world of the Television Channels with its nexus with politicians-Where the media Chieftain's are hungry for money while politicians for publicity.

Anand Bhakshi (Shah Rukh Khan) is the best guy around in KTV( headed by Satish Shah) . Shah Rukh Khan flirts around sweetly until he gets a taste of his own from Juhi Chawla who joins rival Channel Galaxy TV (headed by Dilip Tahil) . Then onwards its anyone's guess as to what happens next . Phir Bhi Movie Hai Hindustani. In between Johny lever, a funny underworld Don gives quite a laughter with his actions.

From the second half onwards Nationalism picks up and the credit indeed goes to Director Aziz Mirza for creating quite a magic spell of patriotism when Shah Rukh Khan picks up the National Flag in the streets. Overall in the movie, Mirza's old 'Nukkad' magic is absent.
Although his Nukkad characters are cast in the movie ,yet none of them come alive with their old simple stories.

The music by JatinLalit and Lyrics by Javed Akthar though not exceptional , but definitely worth listening.

Well , if you dont have anything better then have a dekko at PBDAH.
-Maju Kuriakose

Reachout's Rating:**

* Poor, ** Fair, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Outstanding

Reachout's Review of "Kaho Naa Pyar Hai"

Stars : Hritik Roshan, Amisha Patel, Anupam kher
Direction : Rakesh Roshan

Kaho Naa Pyar Hai

First things are first. Hritik Roshan is one of those rare actors who impresses in all 
departments of acting. He was looking the same way Aamir Khan looked in his first movie.
Yeah!Kumar Gaurav was also impressive in his first movie. But what happened was that 
while Kumar  Gaurav signed movies left,right, and middle , Aamir only signed the important ones. 

If Hritik can keep up to that then he can be the top heroes in the coming years.
Kaho naa...Pyar hai is ....well a movie that may not impress everybody. The story has a
 lot of loop holes and may not be accepted by many people. If you like the ending of "Hum dil de chuke sanam" then you would like this. Rohit , (the young Roshan), is a good singer.... Falls in love with Sonia,(Amisha Patel). Anupam Kher is Sonia's father and he does not like it. Rohit witnesses the murder of Police Commissioner and he falls in the eyes of those murderers. To cover up the murder, the murderers kill Rohit. Sonia is lifeless and she is sent to New Zealand (Great Coverage of this excellent country. You just feel as though you want to be there every second of your life). There in New Zealand there is a Raj Chopra who is a look alike of Rohit. Sonia is stunned. Raj falls in love with Sonia but she resents and for her love he comes to India to find himself in the midst of the same controversy that Rohit faced. In the end the baddies get bashed and the true villain comes out into the light......what's more you will find out whether Rohit is Raj and Vice-Versa.Probably this is where you will get disappointed for loose handling of the script .

The movie is good, if not better. The script gets a "Fair". The Actors get a "Good" and Hritik Roshan gets a "Excellent" ratings.

On the whole the movie is "Good".

Reachout's Rating :****

* Poor, ** Fair, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Outstanding