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Released On: Nov 11, 2011
Language : Hindi
Genre : Drama, Musical, Romance
Cast & Crew : Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri, Shammi Kapoor
Director : Imtiaz Ali
Music : A R Rahman
Length : 2 hrs 40 mins
A Delhi boy resents the fact that he has no pain in his life. He has realized that all great Musicians have had a painful life. In order to get his heart broken, he proposes to the most sought-after girl in Delhi University. The story of `Rockstar` is the seven years of the boy`s life and relationship with the girl at the end of which he does become a huge musical star, but his heart also gets broken. The female lead of the film Nargis Fakhri is definately here to stay. The film score and soundtrack composed by A. R. Rahman is the highlight of the film.

The film beautifully shot in wonderful locales of Prague is a treat to watch.The flavour of the season is 'Rockstar' all the way.Looks like Rockstar is rocking...

Rating:- ***
* Poor,** Average,*** Good,****Outstanding

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