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Directed by : ManiRatnam.
Cinematography : P.C. Sreeram.
Music : A.R.Rahaman.
*ing : R.Madhavan,Shalini,Jayasudha and a mix of Tamil & Malayalam cast.

ManiRatnam's  Sakhi

             There was a time when the sheer name of ManiRatnam used to get cinegoers flock to theatres for a visual treat of quality on the silver screen. Who can forget the fantastic moments of his evergreen "Geetanjali", "Gharshana"," Donga Donga ", and the unforgettable "Roja" which were all classic films .Then came the decline of his class with  "Bombay" , "Dil-se" and to add to his woes it seems that "Sakhi" too is film in which Maniratnam's class is missing in the over all context of the movie.

Kartik(R.Madhavan) is a young happy go lucky guy, son of a leading lawyer leads a care-free life  with his friends until he sees Shakthi(Shalini) at a marriage and it becomes love at first sight. Shalini is a medical student who comes from a middle class family . Kartik follows her all over and one day he invites her home for a function and true to his nature he spreads the word around over there that he is going to marry her. What follows then  is that his snobby parents approach Shalinis parents and Kartik's parents look down upon their family as middle class people and things like which puts off Shalinis parents and they oppose to their daughter getting married to Kartik. Meanwhile both of them reach a stage where they are inseparable and they decide for a registered marriage.
From then onwards what follows is how they try to cope up with married life-the stress, strain and all the fun thereafter. Good Show for young couples wanting to catch up on the realities of life. 

Towards the end Arvind Swamy as an IAS officer surely steals the show and his short role indeed leaves the audience wanting for more. There is nothing to say about the performance of heroine except having the delight of watching her  as a grown-up version of Baby Shalini. The cinematography by P.C.Sreeram is absolutely breathtaking especially in all the songs which are a visual delight to the eyes. The music of A.R.Rahman is as usual and does catch up slowly. 

All in all a movie prescribed for couples and ladies wanting to catch up with the Hrithik Roshan of the south, R.Madhavan(28years).Well this movie is surely going to make waves because of R.Madhavan whose heart-stopping grin, bulging biceps and convincing histrionics does signal the arrival of a new star. 

-Maju Kuriakose

Reachout's Rating : ***


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