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Starring: Rahul Bose,Laila Rouass,Ayesha Dharkar...
MUSIC: Nitin Sawhney
Editing: Renu Saluja
Direction: Dev Benegal

The Movie revolves around KP (Rahul Bose who is into water business on a contract from a local Dada and he runs around his business in style -wears Rayban glasses, owns a cell phone and what's more even his water tanker has got an e-mail ID This Tapoori kind RK bumps into a TV anchor Nandita Mehta(Laila Rouass) who presents 'split wide open', a daring programme on the sex life of Mumbaikars. One of her presentations shows a son-in-law infatuated towards his mother-in- law and is shown going right under her(oops how come!).

KP is found of an innocent 10 year old girl, Didi who makes her living by selling flowers on the road. Kp considers her as his own sister and misses her when she is not around. As time goes she gets succumbed to a Paedophile. KP succeeds in finding her and when he persuades her to get out of the  clutches of the man who gives her everything for his desires , she turns him off saying that 'all men are the same'. Kp reverses back in shock. He learns that its Mumbai where if one gets in, there is no exit. Rahul Bose performs exceptionally well and for  women folk he is all nude in some of the scenes (as usual) and thank God he doesn't masturbate like in "English August". Laila Rouass fits in to perfection as a TV anchor and she appears quite freezed in the smooch scene with Rahul Bose (It seems that shot had to be taken 10 times as she had a chipped tooth). Ayesha Dharkar drops in for a few scenes in which she excels as an actress (who can forget her memorable role in Santosh Sivan's "The Terrorist") 

 Split Wide Open is all in all a very neat movie tailor-made for English audience and if you want to catch up on what's happening hot 'inside Mumbai' then  this one is recommended. Those of you who are keen on hearing F*** R*** etc..there are quite a lot of  them. Incase you are not Fan of offbeat cinema than Reachout advises you to kindly park your vehicle at a convenient place to take off in between.

--Maju Kuriakose

Reachout's Rating : ****

* Poor, ** Fair, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Outstanding

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