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:Kamal Hasan, Jyothika, Jayaram and Devyani
Director :K.S.Ravikumar
Music: :A.R.Rahman


          Movies like Tenali are very very tough to comment or critic about simply because there should be a story to write. But that does not stop the Indian Marlon Brando to give a creditable performance which more looked like a daily job at office. 
Kamal is a crazy type of person (according to ganesh) who is unlike today's youth . He pessimistic and always phobic to almost everything in life. He is sent by one psychiatrist, Delhi Ganesh to another, Jayaram as the former feels that Jayaram is an upcoming and is very envious of the young lads success. And added to that Ganesh is scared to death to treat Kamal as he is a night mare for any psychiatrist.

Kamal is being treated by Jayaram but also plans for a break with his wife, kids, sister and Madan who is selected by Jayaram to be his sister's wife. But here is where one can expect the story with a little twist. Ganesh who dreads to treat Kamal, also sends the latter to the holiday break spot. And so the movie theme starts and you have to watch from here to see how Kamal wins the love of each and every member of the Jayaram family and also becomes a part of it, of course much to the dislike of Madan bob and Delhi Ganesh.

This movie is not for critics to criticize all the way from the starting to ending. This movie is for those work-a-holics and average cinema ghar who wants to just have fun and fun alone and nothing else.

On the whole, the movie is above average. 


Rating:- * * * 1/2

* Poor, ** Fair,  *** Average, **** Good, ***** Outstanding

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