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New Fee Structure for American Citizen Services

Hyderabad|India|July'2010: As of July 13, 2010, fees for certain services provided to American citizens by U.S. Consulates and Embassies worldwide will increase. This increase is in response to a recent re-evaluation of the actual cost of providing these services.                    

The adjusted schedule of fees will be as follows: 

Adult renewal of 10-year passport book          $110 (Rs. 5,280)

Minor passport book (under age 16)                 $105 (Rs. 5,040)

First-time adult (10-year) passport book          $135 (Rs. 6,480)

Replacement of lost/stolen adult passport        $135 (Rs. 6,480)

Notary Services                                                     $50 (Rs. 2,400)

Additional pages                                                   $82 (Rs. 3,936)

Consular Report of Birth Abroad                       $100 (Rs. 4,800)

Renunciation of Citizenship                               $450 (Rs.21,600)

Passport Cards for Adults                                   $ 55 (Rs. 1,440)

Passport Cards for Minors                                  $ 40 (Rs. 720)         

 Passport applications submitted prior to July 13, 2010 will be processed with the current fee applicable.

 As is the case in all U.S. government user charges, the goal is that those services of direct benefit to individuals, organizations, or groups are paid for by the users rather than by taxpayers in general.  The changes in consular fees will cover actual operating expenses for 301 consular posts, 23 passport agencies in the U.S., and other centers that provide consular services to both U.S and foreign citizens. 

 For more information, please visit the official posting on the Department of State website at http://travel.state.gov/news/news_5078.html


-July'' 2010

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