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179 out of 550 students from FIITJEE’s Hyderabad Center made it to the merit list this year

Hyderabad student JVS Shyam bags All India 20th Rank

Bhargav Reddy, JVS Shyam and Akshay Bhat top rank holder from FIITJEE HYDERABAD

Hyderabad|India|May'2012: Students of FIITJEE, India’s premier institute for IIT-JEE and Engineering Entrance Exams training, once again triumphed in IIT JEE results.

JVS Shyam, a student of PINNACLE Program from FIITJEE Hyderabad Center,stood as AIR – 20 in the All India entrance exam of Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) 2012. He scored 357 marks and with the joy of success in fetching good marks JVS Shyam says “Calculated hard work with meticulous planning, no short cuts to the preparations and the clarity of concepts in all subjects rendered by excellent FIITJEE faculty have contributed to my feat”.

Among other FIITJEE Hyderabad students, AKSHAY BHAT secured all India rank 108 while BHARGAV REDDY secured all India rank of 137. A total of 9 students have ranks below 350 and a total of 22 students have ranks below 1000. A total of 179 out of 550 students from FIITJEE’s Hyderabad Center have made it to the merit list this year.

This year FIITJEE gave an outstanding result and captured the AIR -1 ARPIT AGARWAL from Delhi, AIR-2 BIJOY SINGH KOCHAR from Chandigarh and AIR-3 NISHANTH G KOUSHIK from Bhilai. FIITJEE has been boosting student’s talent and capability year after year.

Elated and excited Dr. P. Ananda Raman, Mentor-Director,of FIITJEE Hyderabad said “The success of our students is the true inspiration for our institute. At FIITJEE, we try to make a difference in the way students think. While enhancing student’s IQ, special attention is given to holistic development of our students. Laurels have no meaning for teachers at FIITJEE. The only ‘gurudakshina’ for a teacher is the realization of a student’s best effort. It has nothing to do with the result of a best effort. In competitive exams the seats are limited and success can never be guaranteed. But the biggest contribution of a teacher is to make every student do his / her best. Once again, FIITJEE teachers have renewed their resolve to dedicate themselves & give their flesh & blood for students' success”.

FIITJEE has been the helm of innovations, pioneering various educational systems and processes, one of them being the concept of School Integrated Programs. Having a proven track record, FIITJEE is already making its mark felt in the formal school education through its World Schools in Hyderabad.

"FIITJEE was the first and even now the only institute to have a strategic and highly effective training program for the faculty members, to align them with our value system. The difference between our teachers and others is that while they fill the minds of students with data, we fill them with dreams” said Dr. Ananda Raman, Director, FIITJEE Hyderabad. He further added ‘we give 360o training to our students. The success of FIITJEE students is not measured by ranks or selections, it is the traits, attitudes and persona the students imbibe during the process of FIITJEE training. We may have produced XX ranks in IIT-JEE but for us every student is successful. Because in FIITJEE we firmly believe that ‘The Journey is the Reward’.

-May 2012

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