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Launching of the Advanced studies Program by the Hyderabad Centre of Excellence, ICAI

Hyderabad|India|July'2012: The Institute of Cost Accountants of India has launched the Advanced Studies Courses at Hyderabad Centre of Excellence, Hyderabad. These programmes are aimed at capacity building and offer the certificates after successful completion of the programme. The programmes fall under the domain of Cost and Management Accountancy, finance and allied areas. All these programmes are of high end in nature and are directly linked to strategy. Out of the courses, a course on Performance Management and Appraisal System has been launched in Hyderabad today. This course will be dealing with various components of the performance management system. This entire focus will be capacity building with hands on approach and methodology will be purely based on case studies. In the final part of the programme the participants have to submit a project report.

Mr. A S Durga Prasad, Central Council Member of The Institute of Cost Accountants of India emphasized the need to hone and develop skills in the current scenario. He further stated that the programmes offered are not the regular ones but involve lot of interaction both with the industry and academia. Technology also plays significant role and exhorted the members to keep themselves abreast of the latest trends in technology which have a bearing on the domains they choose. He pointed out that the Performance Management components are not the just the dash board items but it is a high end strategic management approach, Mr. M .Gopalakrishnan, the President of the ICAI also emphasized the growing importance of technology to enable establishing measurable benchmarks especially in the ever growing domain of telecom. The Cost Accountants are expected to play leading roles in Business Performance Management and elevate the Cost Audit to a true management tool. From the successful participants a core group can be formed to advise the Institute on the Performance Appraisal frame work. They are the final problem solvers for the enterprises which want to be cash positive and also measurable bench marks on Performance standards will be developed for the industries to follow. This will virtually enhance the value of enterprises.

All the courses require lot of hands on interaction with the industry and the programmes are calibrated ranging from the concepts and finally the participants are expected to successfully carryout an independent rigorous project work. At the end Mr. Durga Prasad categorically presented the contents of the course by analyzing each part.

-July 2012

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