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Brazilian Surgeon Dr. Aureo Ludovico de Paula who shot into fame for the pioneering Diabetic Surgery visit Hyderabad

Dr.Aureo Ludovico de Paula(left) and Dr. Surendra Ugale in City

Hyderabad|India|August'2010: The biggest recent advancement in the medical world is Control of Diabetes (Type 2) by Laparoscopic (Key-hole) Surgery. Dr Aureo Ludovico de Paula of Brazil is the world pioneer of procedure — “Ileal Transposition Surgery (small intestinal switch)” for control and finally cure of diabetes visits India, Hyderabad and addressed The 1st International Conference and Live Workshop on Ileal Interposition—Dia-Surg 2010 for Type-2 Diabetes. He also spoke to the media on Saturday on the sidelines of the conference.

Diabetes is a worldwide disease which is on the rise without much cure. Offlate a research shown that there are some intestinal hormones which have a great effect on the pancreas and insulin secretion, especially in response to food intake. On the basis of this, Dr. Aureo de Paula, devised a Laparoscopic operation that is proving very helpful in controlling diabetes without insulin, arrests the metabolic syndrome of body organ deterioration thus avoiding future diabetic complications.

Addressing a press conference Dr. Aureo de Paula said, a long segment of ilium(ending portion of small intestine) is shifted to the upper small intestinal area, where food particles will reach immediately after the meal. This causes an immediate secretion of a ‘good’ hormone, GLP-1, which acts on the B-Cells of pancreas to secret Insulin, to immediately control bood sugar. If there is no intake of food, this will not happen, so there is no danger of low blood sugar(hypoglycemia), he informed.

This operation is called Ileal Interposition(small intestinal switch) and can be done for persons of normal weight also. They can stop all medicines within 6months, at times even two to four weeks after the surgery, he informed.

After training in Brazil, we started this procedure from February 2008 here in Hyderabad informed Dr.Surendra Ugale, Organising Chariman of the Conference Dia-Surg 2010 addressing the press. Dr. Surendra Ugale is the first Indian surgeon to have had the privilege of being trained by Dr. Aureo de Paula. “Dr Aureo is a very skilled surgeon, as if he was born with the laparoscope in his hand, and a great human being”, says Dr Ugale. A team of specialists from Hyderabad led by Dr Surendra Ugale is the first in India to have performed Ileal Transposition Surgery for control and finally cure of diabetes. The first surgery in India was performed on 18th Feb. 2008 at Kirloskar Hospital's Laparoscopic Surgery Centre, at Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad, on a 56-year-old lady. Since then 37 such surgeries are performed.

The patients on whom we have operated, they have already stopped their medicines for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure(Hypertension). Good improvements are seen in their Triglycerides, cholesterol, kidney function and leg pains thus proving this to be a true metabolic surgery. This is a physiological operation which maintains normal access to stomach and bile duct for future endoscopic vision if necessary. Since there is no loss of intestinal length and no diversion of food, there are no long-term side-effects, no nutritional deficiency. The only changes in life is that, they have to consume smaller quantity of food at one time, but can live a disease free, longer and healthier life. This is a decision the diabetic person has to make: “Eat to live or live to eat”, said Dr. Surendra Ugale.

Replying to a question Dr. Surendra Ugale informed that such surgeries are being carried out in India at Hyderabad and Mumbai. Mumbai has done about 7 to 8 surgeries. Even Coimbatore has also started this suregery recently. They have operated on couple of them.

The operation in Hyderabad costs Rs three to four lakh, informed Dr. Ugale. In Mumbai it costs Rs five lakh and above, he said.

Dr. Aureo de Paula has been performing these surgeries for the last 7 years and has presented his work internationally, showing excellent results. He alone has performed over 700 such surgeries in the last seven years with utmost safety and excellent results of 95% remissions. His results have been published in number of articles in internationally reputed Journals like Surgical Endoscopy. He has been invited to various conferences throughout the world especially to Europe to present his successful path breaking work in surgical treatment of Type-2 diabetes.

Dr.Aureo is a humble South American, from Goiania in Brazil. He is an extremely skilled surgeon and is invited all over the world for his pioneering work in surgical treatment of Type-2 Diabetes, which is increasing all over the world. He also regularly operates in other cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Before starting Ileal Interposition surgery he was an authority in transhiatal oesophagectomy for Chaga’s disease which is common disease in Brazil and has conducted many International conferences on the subject attracting surgeons from US too.

Besides Dr. Aureo de Paula, ten other surgeons in Brazil have also been performing these kind of surgeries. In all together since Dr. Aureo Ludoviceo de Paula pioneered Ileal Transposition surgery, 2000 people have been operated upon.

More than 100 doctors from all India and Endocrinologists are participating in the seminar being held in Hyderabad on August 21st and 22nd at Marriott Convention Center. During these three days on August 21st, 22nd and 23rd Dr. Aureo de Paula will be operating five patients at Kirloskar Hospital, Basheerbagh in Hyderabad in India.

India being the Diabetic Capital of the world, (and Hyderabad being India’s diabetic capital), this procedure should be able to do a lot of good for Indian diabetics. By the year 2025, India will be home to more than 80 million diabetics and most of these will be Type-2 Diabetics. A disaster which can be avoided if measures are taken earlier. We need to create more awareness to prevent diabetes, said Dr. Ugale.

International Diabetes Federation(IDF)’s wordwide campaign which marks the second year of the five year focus on “Diabetes education and prevention” gives a slogan “Let's take control of diabetes. Now.”.

As per the IDF educational program it is informed that every 10 seconds, 2 people develop diabetes. If nothing is done, diabetes will overwhelm national healthcare system. Diabetes prevention is simple and cost-effective IDF says. Every year 4 million people die from diabetes. More than half of these deaths could be prevented.

British researchers in a just released survey found that people from South Asia,especially India, are prone to developing Type 2 diabetes caused by high levels of obesity and insulin resistance

Two other international faculty from USA, Dr. Michael Edye and Dr. Subhash Kini and 20 other invited national faculty are also addressed the seminar and shared their experiences.

This was an opportunity of a lifetime to interact live with a person who truly believes and also has his results to show that Diabetes Type-2 is treatable and available for patients of any weight.

Dr. Aureo Ludovico de Paula can be reached on email: adepaula@uol.com.br. To know more about him, please log on to www.gastroenterologiaobesidade.com.br, www.cirurgiadodiabetes.com.br, www.surgicaltreatmentofdiabetes.com

-August' 2010

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