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Interactive Seminar "Magic of MBA" held in City

MBA is a special generalist course.  It is a Mind Brain Activation Course: opined industry experts

Hyderabad|India|June'2010: India today has 2500 management colleges and 25 high quality Business schools like IIMs and ISB etc. Though many management graduate out of these institutions, not more than 25% are employable, a NASSCOM study revealed said corporate executive Mr. T.V. Ravikumar while addressing a gathering of 350 plus MBA aspirants here in city at Hotel Fortune Katriya.

Unitedworld School of Business – Asia’s First Open Economy Focused B-School organised an interactive seminar Magic of MBA addressed by Industry stalwarts and many academic experts and management faculty of well reputation. Lot of MBA aspirants who include CAT,ICET, GRE takers, Engineers and students desirous of pursuing management attend the seminar.

The objective of the Seminar held till later evening on Saturday was to clear all doubts and queries regarding a career in Management.

Ravi Kumar explained in detail the career opportunities in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. Indian had in the year 1969, 8321 bank branches with one bank for every 65000 people. Today we have 81000 bank branches with one bank for every 15000 population. In comparison, America has one bank branch for every 2702
population. Which means, we need more banks. Similarly educational loans are growing at 36%, automobile loans 27%, Mutual Funds 49% and Pension Funds 122%. When the financial services growth is so much accordingly more investment advisors, wealth management consultants are required, he said.

There is more demand than supply. The industry needs more qualified mangers and management experts. But, they are in short supply. As Indian companies expanding globally at a rapid speed, investing overseas like never before, acquiring foreign companies the demand for well qualified, talented management graduates is on the increase. Because youth and business savvy entrepreneurs only have to drive this growth. Hence, the demand for well qualified management graduates said Prof. K.V. Iyer, Dean of Unitedword School of Business in his opening remarks.

Indian education is good. But, we need global exposure. Good B-School MBA offers such an exposure. MBA by itself is not a magic. MBA course opens doors for opportunities, said Prof. Iyer.

Management is a special generalist course. It offers knowledge, tools and exposure to industry situation. It develops entrepreneurship encouraging them to take up right risks. Today companies hire management consultants to solve their problems. Mangements look for such consultants only who play a leadership role in their own life. Because of this nearly 20% of MBAs want to work for well and reputed management consulting firms informed Mr. Naresh Reddy, Alumni - IIM Blore.

A good MBA opens your mind to out of box thinking. Helps to develope inquisitiveness to ask more questions. It gives you a global mindset. Develops teamwork. Makes you practical oriented. It exposes you to importance of networking. That is why it is found that 40% learning in MBA happens in peers group, he said.

MBA is a Mind Brain Activation said Prof. Anamitra Chatterjee, Alumni of IIM-C and Prof Executive Education of London School of Business. There are five kinds of people--Be perfect, Hurry up, Be strong, Try hard and Please others type. Hurry up kind of a person grows up and becomes a good surgeon. Do any one prefer to get operated by such an hurry up surgeon. No matter how good he is. He will fail in his job. Hence, you choose such a career suited to the kind of person you are, he told the participants. Every one of us have one of these five as a major drive and four other drives will also remain in varying degrees. So based on what drive do you have, you need to pick your career, he advised the students.

At the end, participants asked questions for which speakers gave answers patiently. It was all together a very educative and interactive seminar to help youngsters to take a right decision.

-June'' 2010

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