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State-of-the-art transport training school---Transport Training & Development Institute comes up in Hyderabad

It is the first of its kind of an initiative in India by any Goods Transport Association of any state to train the personnel of transport sector
9000sft two storied building comes in city outskirts in the hub of transport activity at Autonagar.

Hyderabad|India|August'2010: We want to help the drivers and transport staff and thereby take the trucking industry to the next level. With changing times, we need to change the first hand impression of the employees in this industry. Keeping this in mind and with all these changes taking place globally, nationally and regionally HGTA came up with an idea of TTDI. Thus the idea of TTDI born. We have toiled on it for several years. The funds required for this centre are solely managed through contribution of members in the association.

Now truck drivers are hit with the computer bugs. They will be soon transformed from lungi to laptops wielding professionals clads. “Transport Training & Development Institute(TTDI)”, a first of its kind of initiative—a state-of-the-art truck drivers and transport employees training school cum grooming center comes up in outskirts of Hyderabad at the hub of transport activity at Autonagar. This 9000square foot two storied building is ready for its formal inauguration.

This is the first ever such a kind of centre dedicated to train the personnel of transport sector who include truck drivers, cleaners, hamalis (transport labours), staff of transporters. They will be trained to enhance skills and knowledge to meet the present requirement of highly automated vehicles and changing phase of high-tech express highway roads and developing economy.

It is a brain child of 39years old Hyderabad Goods Transport Association (HGTA). Conceptualised several years back, but, it took shape now thanks to the dedicated efforts of some members of the transport industry.

A nation which does not take care of it’s farmers and soldiers is doomed!” goes a saying. As a logistics professionals we should take care of drivers or the supply chain is going to be doomed.

We have approx. 50 lakh truck drivers in India . In goods transportation, the drivers play a vital role who moves the wheel of the economy.

The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the TVs we watch, the books we read and the laptops we use are all transported by these unsung heroes. Roads have more than 70% share of the goods and freight traffic in India . “Human error is found to be the sole cause in 57% of all road accidents in India .

Yet the condition of the road drivers is pathetic. They do not have decent places to rest, perform their ablutions, have to tolerate long queues at checkpoints, frequent stoppages by the RTOs and police and wait for loading and unloading. The incidence of AIDs among drivers is 3 times higher than the average for the others.

We as corporates do a lot of service and Corporate Social Responsibility activities. However, not too many CSR activities get focussed towards drivers. We at HGTA want to payback to the industry on which we depend on for our survival.

We have also received good support from auto manufactures, tyre manufactures, lubricant companies, who have come forward with open mind to support us with lab equipments\ cut sections, exploded charts and manuals.

“The objective of Transport Training & Development Institute (TTDI) is to empower commercial vehicle drivers with all the essential safety practices so that they face the roads with a much greater responsibility”. Citing improper driving as the cause of nearly 80% of the road accidents in India , it was pointed out that emphasis on safe driving is the need of the hour.

Better driving practices and improving fuel efficiency is paramount importance. Fleet drivers will be trained in improved driving skills, basic mechanics, fuel saving techniques and safe practices. While skills such as safe driving, fuel conservation, repairs and maintenance are taught, other aspects of life on the road are also highlighted – trouble shooting, fire-fighting, and first aid. The importance of good health is stressed, with special emphasis on prevention of HIV – the most prevalent disease among truckers.

Driver will be taught to be a goodwill ambassador on road. They will be exposed to economical driving practices and other social aspects of their profession. They will also be guided on Preventive Maintenance. Orientation on special vehicles such as Volvo and other will also be arranged from time to time.

Similarly transport staff, cleaners, hamalis also have equal responsibility. So they are also groomed.

This professional training makes a huge difference. Drivers who are trained systematically and scientifically have a significant advantage over those without proper skills. The result? Fewer accidents, lower operational costs and a happy workforce who are an asset to the organisation.

Refresher courses is offered to drivers of the individual fleet owners and drivers of even the unorganised sector who will appreciate that, a professionally trained driver, can make a huge difference in profits and service for his businesses/clients.

TTDI plans to offer both Technical as well as soft skills programmes. There are four programmes which are offered as Vocational Certificate Courses. These are six month full time programmes. Three months of theoretical training and three months of practical training in service centers of well known automobile companies of reputation will be provided. Placement assurance is offered to right candidates. A nominal fee of Rs 600/- is charged, which they can recover as they will be paid a stipend while undergoing three months practical training. These training programmes include: 01. Auto Mechanical Skills Course(AMSC); 02. Auto Electrical Skill Course(AESC); 03. Transport Operation Skills Course(TOSC); 04. Motoring Skill Course(MSC).

Besides the hardcore technical skills, soft skills are also offered. These include 01. Computer Course Basics; 02. Personality Development And Life Skills Development; 03. Spoken English; 04. Meditation & Yoga.

The lungi clad drivers today have challenge. Challenge to meet the present requirements of highly automated vehicles. They need to have knowledge of online transactions, tracking software, Google map reading ability as some of sophisticated trucks have them. Thus the TTDI has a dream to transform lungi clads to laptop wielding drivers. Even learning basic English has become a must as most of boards of high-tech roads, express highways are written in English. Truck Drivers should have basic knowledge of English.

Today the goods transport sector is also facing the shortage of good quality truck drivers who not only can drive vehicles efficiently but also understand their role for the betterment of the industry. The industry also has scarcity of efficient mechanics and technicians. Through TTDI we hope to bridge this widening gap. HGTA's vision is to impart training in sound human values, updated business practices on sustained basis. And also to develop second generation quality technicians for the workshops /service centers for the truck manufacturers and fleet owner's in Andhra Pradesh. We will be targeting such students who scored moderately in SSC and who have lost opportunity. In EAMCET and other competitive exam. The basic qualification required to get into the programme is 10th or Intermediate. In case of Motoring Skills Course, one should be above 18years of age.

The institute is developed passionately by its members. Modern and updated mechanical and electrical labs are set up for on the job training (OJT). It also has modern computer lab for teaching computer basics. The class rooms are equipped with audio visual equipment. The center is equipped with library with latest books, periodicals on current affairs, magazines connected to industry for reference to increase the knowledge base of its students. And that is not all. It has a spacious auditorium with seating capacity of 300 people to enable to conduct in house seminars, health camps, big meetings and inspiring lectures. For open air programmes like Yoga and all it has open roof top facility which not many organisations can boast off.

TTDI is open to conduct any sponsored short term courses for any transport organisations and others. TTDI is conceived in such a way that it will be self sustainable.

-August' 2010

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