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‘XSEED Learning Centre’ inaugurated in Hyderabad

XSEED equips teachers with tools that enable better learning
Several heads of schools endorse XSEED from their experience


Hyderabad|India|January'2009: iDiscoveri, a social enterprise with a mission to renew education in India, today launched their XSEED Learning Centre in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The occasion was graced by renowned educationist Dr. Chukka Ramaiah (MLC, Andhra Pradesh) and Dr. B. Jyothi Reddy, Founder Principal, Niraj Public School. Mr. Ashish Rajpal, Co Founder and Managing Director, iDiscoveri gave the welcome address on the occasion. Several heads of schools from across Andhra Pradesh were also present at the inaugural function.

iDiscoveri is seeking to expand its educational services beyond the metros; and the opening of it's XSEED Learning Centre is a step to facilitate information dissemination amongst wider education institutions in Andhra Pradesh. The XSEED Learning Centre will be equipped with a world class teacher training centre with up-to-date resources, reading material, preparation material and audio visual aids, to help understand the process behind the XSEED program and implement it in classrooms.

The XSEED program from iDiscoveri is a revolutionary way of teaching that builds strong fundamentals in children at the primary school level. Detailed, comprehensive lesson plans for each subject are supported with training for the teacher by skilled, world class facilitators. The students are also provided with assessment workbooks linked to the curriculum material. All lesson plans and teacher training programs focus on 'learning by doing' by children.

iDiscoveri is a team of over 100 professionals from leading institutions like Harvard, Cambridge and IIMs, who have worked with over 200 schools. The organization has a vision of transforming education and through XSEED, it brings the latest in educational research and pedagogy to our classrooms.

Speaking at the inaugural function on behalf of Mr. Chukka Ramaiah, MLC Andhra Pradesh, Mr. I. V. Ramana Rao (New Era High School, Khambam) said, “Schooling, especially  during the formative years is the most important part of an individual’s learning process. Ensuring a learning process that benefits each child at this age, is critical both for individual development as well as in the larger interests of nation building.”  He stressed that even after repeated efforts by the Government through literacy missions, our country is a dire need a quality education initiative and that’s where organisations like iDiscoveri play a crucial role. 

He added that teaching a discipline involves the preparation of materials, strategies to teach the material and ways and means to find out whether teaching has successfully been done or not. In addition to this one has to keep in mind how a particular discipline is integrated with others. He lauded the efforts of iDiscoveri in trying to make remarkable ideas in education accessible to all schools and for their efforts to bring out the much needed change in curriculum, methodology and assessment.

Elaborating on the need for XSEED program Mr. Ashish Rajpal, Co-Founder and Managing Director, iDiscoveri, said, “The biggest challenge for school owners is to implement latest as well as time tested education philosophy effectively in the classrooms. That is where XSEED comes in to the picture. XSEED makes it possible for each teacher to use innovative techniques in classroom, building a stronger foundation, better grasping of concepts by children.“

“We are encouraged by the response for XSEED in Andhra Pradesh. The interest and initiative shown by educationists and school owners in Andhra, has prompted us to set up our XSEED Learning Centre in Hyderabad”, Ashish added.

Several senior academicians who had already implemented XSEED program in their schools testified about the marked difference seen in student performance and also the overall academic improvement. Among those who shared their experiences were Dr. B. Jyothi Reddy (Founder Principal, Niraj Public School, Hyderabad), Mr. I. V. Ramana Rao (New Era High school, Khambam), and Mr. E. Prasad Rao (Paramita School, Karimnagar).

Reachout's News Bureau
 January' 2009

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