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Feel the Pule-Carnival 2008 at Hillside ACADEMY

'Feel the Pule-Carnival 2008' was organized in HILLSIDE ACADEMY. The teachers, students and management together made it a grand event. Mrc. C. Adi Lakshmi, Head Mistress, Oakridge International School was invited as chief guest. She was given a rousing reception and was taken around the stalls that were out up by the teachers and students of Hillside school.  

The stalls were a combination of academics, culinary & cultural. The mathematics stall had mind blowing tricks & puzzles. The science stall tested one's scientific perception while the life skills stall showed how to lead a healthy life through Yoga & as how to defend ourselves in the dire situation. There were Games stalls too. They had lot of games, which were great fun.


The children had various cultural items to relax and rejuvenate. The highlight of entire program was the Orchestra of the blind students. They are visually challenged but exuded so much of confidence. 

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 December' 2008

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