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 Hyderabad Traffic Police Website Launched

Hyderabad has thus joined few cities in the world which have exclusive traffic websites of their own.

Hyderabad|India|April'2009: The Addl.Commissioner of Police,Traffic, Hyderabad City has announced the lauanch of Hyderabad Traffic Police Website www.htp.gov.in at a Press conference in city on 25th April'09.

Hyderabad has thus joined few cities in the world which have exclusive traffic websites of their own.

htp.gov.in will now offer all Hyderabadis an exciting menu loaded with features like online verification of E- Challan status. Online registration of the complaint/suggestion with regard to the traffic. Alternative routes live updates on traffic, online traffic campaigns and many more. We hope that this initiative will certainly bring the desired change in the traffic condition on the city roads.

Following is the brief description of some of the unique features.

Online Verification of E Challan status:-
To bring discipline on the roads. Hyderabad Traffic Police initiated a novel system, E - Challan, where all violations are recorded digitally without causing inconvenience to the violator and the challan is sent to the concerned directly to his/her address by post. But many citizens were either not receiving the challans or not paying the fines as they were not able to verify their liability easily. To overcome this hurdle. We have introduced online verification through our website or by the simputers on the roads. All that citizens have to do now is to just log on to the website, know their liabilities and pay them online. All just a click away.

Live traffic updates:
For the first time in the country, Hyderabad Traffic Police is introducing live traffic updates on the web. With this a citizen who has access to the net, can plan his movement intelligently without getting stuck in the jams/slowdowns, this operates on a round the clock basis.

Alternate Routes:-
Just cursing the traffic for its slowdown is wastage of time. Instead, a smart bypass to reach the destination on time would be a welcome step. Again a never before feature, alternate routes. Is added now to the website. With this a user can easily bypass all the bottlenecks to reach his destination.

Education is an integral part of any traffic management programme. In this section, we have added many educative videos which help you appreciate the importance of traffic discipline. We have also added a photo feature, Wake up Hyderabad which gives an idea of how serious we are about road safely.

Traffic Help Desk:-
Through this feature, a citizen can now post his complaint or suggestion online and check the status of his complaint regularly.

About the Traffic Police:-
Many exciting features like organizational set up. Police stations with all the hyperlinks. Contact numbers and emails IDs, Towing zones, Authorized parking areas, School zones, Water logging zones, accident prone areas are also added in this section.

Road Rules :-
In this sections information on all the road signs including cautionary, mandatory and informative signs, registration and number plates, traffic violations and corresponding fines in Hyderabad are given for the benefit of road users.

Road Sense:-
In this at the safety tips to avoid accidents drunken driving parking road etiquette, avoiding distractions while driving with illustrations are included, citizens of all age groups can get benefitted by this valuable information

Besides E-challan and alternative routes we are also offering information on services like how to obtain NOC, how to register a vehicle, obtain driving license with links to RTA offices is given.

Share Your Views:-
Like Hyderabad Police website in the traffic site also there is forum to express views and participate in the discussion on various issues concerning traffic.

Traffic statistics:-
This is another important feature where an updated information and analysis on all accidents, traffic violations facilities. Vehicle involved in the accidents etc. This feature will be very helpful to all those analysts geographer research scholars who wish to make improvement in the traffic congestion city.

Unique Design:-
Unique Design design with a sole aim to give a feel of road visitor. A cursory glance at every page gives visitors a feeling of navigation on the black topped road.

Payment of E-challan:-
 Hyderabad Traffic police has also tied up with aponline to enable the citizens to make payments of E-challans there are about 1300 aponline centers all overs the state including about 300 in Hyderabad city. Payments of E-challans can be made at any of these centers through out the state from today onwards. Online payments can also be made through the website www.aponline.gov.in

The Detective Department of Hyderabad police have executed the website projects and along with all the wings of Hyderabad Traffic Police and Police computers Services who have provided the valuable information to prepare the web content. National Informatics Center(NIC), Andhra Pradesh has hosted the website in the record time.

Reachout's News Bureau
 April' 2009


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