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Hyderabad City Police issues guidelines for preventing four wheeler theft
~ Four wheeler lifting gang is on the prowl in city~

Hyderabad|India|February'2009: In the recent past Automobile offenders are changing their mode of operation frequently and committing thefts of four wheelers. It has come to the notice of the city police that a four wheeler lifting gang is on the prowl in Hyderabad City. In this regard a few suggestions are mentioned below for the safety of four wheelers when they are parked at valet parking lots.

The management of the valet parking is also responsible for the theft of the vehicle from the parking places of their premises.
Before handing over the car to drivers in valet parking, ensure that they are appointed by the concerned management.
The valet parking staff should ensure themselves that they are handing over the keys to the genuine owners of the car.
If possible park your car on your own and keep the car keys with you after the car is parked.
Park your vehicle only at the places where proper security to your vehicle is available.
Do not keep any valuables in your parked car.
In four wheelers where central locking system is available, check invariably whether all the doors are locked / closed properly, ( when parked ).
Secure your vehicle by installing anti theft alarm system to four wheelers.
Take a second hand mobile phone (with SIM card) and hide it in your vehicle. In case of theft of your vehicle, your vehicle can be traced with the help of your mobile phone.

Reachout's News Bureau
 February' 2009


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