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Ohriís launches Jiva Imperia - an exclusive vegetarian restaurant designed to appeal to the gourmet vegetarians of Hyderabad

Hyderabad|India: Ohriís, a leading hospitality chain, launched Jiva Imperia - an exclusive vegetarian restaurant designed to appeal to the gourmet vegetarians of Hyderabad. This is the 23rd offering by Ohriís in Hyderabad with overall 26 F&B outlets across Hyderabad and Bangalore.

As the name suggests, the elegantly designed Jiva Imperia has a royal imperial theme to it. The designers have used White as the predominant color in the interiors to add on to the luxurious ambience and also to bring in an element of purity. Jiva Imperia will offer the largest vegetarian buffet in the city with more than 70 major dishes in the buffet spread. The restaurant which has buffet as its exclusive offering is located in White House Building next to Lifestyle in Begumpet.

Jiva Imperia, is an initiative by Ohriís to bridge the void in premium vegetarian dine out options in the city and bring in the best of the vegetarian selection over one spread. Feedback from various restaurants owned by the chain suggests that food lovers are constantly seeking for more variety and wholesome vegetarian cuisine. Approximately 40% of consumers in the feedback forms received at various outlets of the chain are asking for more vegetarian options, larger variety in vegetarian dishes.

Mr. A K Solanky, COO, Ohriís Group of Hotels, said, ďJiva Imperia is born out of fulfilling the gap and need of vegetarian food lovers -be it families, couples, friends or groups - to enjoy a good vegetarian meal from different parts of the world in a relaxed and royal setting. Jiva Imperia offers the best choice, widest variety, innovative display and relaxed atmosphere to have a great vegetarian experience.Ē

Vegetarian food lovers will take back an experience of tasteful and elegant ambience, widest variety of food from different regions with original flavors and best of quality, four live counters and the largest Chocolate Fountain Cascade in town for kids to dip into.

The selection of cuisine at Jive Imperia offers delicacies in their most original form and flavor. The buffet spread will have a range of Indian food that will include Gujarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Jain, South Indian cuisine and an International tinge to it with global favorites like Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Continental fare. The specialty of the restaurant will be the authenticity of the flavors and any dish will be made in the exact manner as would be made in that region using the similar spices, Ingredients and preparation methodology.

The fare is very attractively priced at 250/ all inclusive for lunch and Rs.299/- all inclusive for dinner easily being the value for money offering in the city for the overall experience it provides in terms of the luxurious ambience and variety and quality of food.

The restaurant also has a very innovative Mocktail menu called the Nectar that serves uniquely prepared Mocktails aimed at expanding the tasting experience. Along with a delectable spread of food, the guests will be able to enjoy Mocktails from the ala-carte menu which are very interestingly named with natural ingredients such as Saas Bahu aur Tulsi, Kahaani Faalse Ki and so on. These exclusive Mocktails which are not just colorful and appealing but also lead to a experiencing something different are reasonably priced at Rs. 150/-.

The various components of the buffet include soup, salads, starters, breads, range of traditional Indian rotis, main course (Indian and International dishes), live counters for India street food, Chat, Momos and South Indian specialties like Dosas, Uttapam, Pesarattu and so on in miniature. Like itís other gamut of fine dining restaurants, Jiva Imperia is also dedicated to ultimate service, consistent quality and positive impact, because at Ohriís you are family!

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-Dec'' 2011

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